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Highest individual scores for Chris Litchfield

The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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21 innings
Highest individual scores
1Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesLangton Green12 May 1424*
2Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesFour Elms21 May 1419
3Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesCauseway Ladies7 May 1418
4Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesPenshurst Ladies22 Jul 1516*
5Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesFour Elms15 Jul 1512
6Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesHildenborough Ladies27 May 1511*
7Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesLangton Green10 Jun 1510*
=Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesFordcombe Ladies25 Jun 1410*
9Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesStonewall Park22 Jun 159
10Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesFordcombe Ladies13 May 156*
11Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesStonewall Park14 Jul 144*
12Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesHildenborough Ladies6 Jul 153*
=Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesAshurst and Blackham Ladies20 May 153*
14Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesSpeldhurst13 Jul 152
15Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesAshurst and Blackham Ladies21 Jul 141
=Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesStonewall Park4 Jun 141
=Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesLeigh Ladies17 Jun 151
18Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesPenshurst Ladies16 Jun 140
=Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesHildenborough Ladies2 Jun 140
=Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesCauseway Ladies18 Jun 140
=Chris LitchfieldGroombridge LadiesStonewall Park11 May 150
21 innings

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