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Highest individual scores for Meg James

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The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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1—50 of 112 innings
Highest individual scores
1Meg JamesCauseway LadiesSevenoaks Weald14 Jun 17131*
2Meg JamesCauseway LadiesHildenborough Ladies22 Jul 1994
3Meg JamesCauseway LadiesSpeldhurst6 Jun 1887*
4Meg JamesCauseway LadiesSpeldhurst16 Jul 1884*
5Meg JamesCauseway LadiesSpeldhurst13 Jul 1682
6Meg JamesCauseway LadiesLangton Green16 May 1876
7Meg JamesCauseway LadiesFour Elms22 Jun 1669*
8Meg JamesCauseway LadiesAshurst and Blackham Ladies18 Jul 1869
9Meg JamesCauseway LadiesHildenborough Ladies28 Jun 1767
=Meg JamesCauseway LadiesLeigh Ladies2 Jul 1867
11Meg JamesCauseway LadiesHildenborough Ladies14 May 1866
12Meg JamesCauseway LadiesBidborough Ladies21 Jun 1763
13Meg JamesCauseway LadiesLeigh Ladies26 Jun 1762*
=Meg JamesCauseway LadiesFordcombe Ladies18 Jun 1862*
15Meg JamesCauseway LadiesBidborough Ladies9 Jul 1862
=Meg JamesCauseway LadiesLangton Green31 Jul 1762
17Meg JamesCauseway LadiesAshurst and Blackham Ladies22 May 1760
18Meg JamesCauseway LadiesPenshurst Ladies4 Jul 1859
19Meg JamesCauseway LadiesLangton Green3 Jun 1958
20Meg JamesCauseway LadiesPenshurst Ladies31 May 1757*
21Meg JamesCauseway LadiesSpeldhurst8 May 1756*
22Meg JamesCauseway LadiesSpeldhurst22 Jul 1556
23Meg JamesCauseway LadiesStonewall Park15 Jul 1954
24Meg JamesCauseway LadiesAshurst and Blackham Ladies1 Jul 1953*
25Meg JamesCauseway LadiesLeigh Ladies24 Jun 1950*
=Meg JamesCauseway LadiesSevenoaks Weald7 Aug 1750*
27Meg JamesCauseway LadiesPenshurst Ladies17 Jun 1948
28Meg JamesCauseway LadiesSpeldhurst19 Jun 1746
29Meg JamesCauseway LadiesLeigh Ladies15 Jul 1545
30Meg JamesCauseway LadiesSevenoaks Weald29 Jul 1944*
31Meg JamesCauseway LadiesPenshurst Ladies10 Jul 1741
32Meg JamesCauseway LadiesLangton Green10 Jul 1940*
33Meg JamesCauseway LadiesStonewall Park12 Jun 1740
34Meg JamesCauseway LadiesFour Elms28 Jul 1439*
35Meg JamesCauseway LadiesLeigh Ladies25 May 1639
=Meg JamesCauseway LadiesFour Elms18 May 1539
37Meg JamesCauseway LadiesFour Elms27 Jul 1638*
38Meg JamesCauseway LadiesLeigh Ladies21 May 1836
39Meg JamesCauseway LadiesSevenoaks Weald30 Jul 1833
40Meg JamesCauseway LadiesHildenborough Ladies18 May 1632
41Meg JamesCauseway LadiesPenshurst Ladies23 May 1831*
42Meg JamesCauseway LadiesBidborough Ladies3 Jul 1930
43Meg JamesCauseway LadiesSpeldhurst17 Jul 1928
44Meg JamesCauseway LadiesFordcombe Ladies13 Nov 1926*
45Meg JamesCauseway LadiesLeigh Ladies13 May 1926
46Meg JamesCauseway LadiesHildenborough Ladies25 Jun 1825
=Meg JamesCauseway LadiesStonewall Park13 May 1525
48Meg JamesCauseway LadiesSpeldhurst6 Jun 1624
=Meg JamesCauseway LadiesPenshurst Ladies6 Jul 1524
50Meg JamesCauseway LadiesSpeldhurst15 Jun 1523
1—50 of 112 innings

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