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Aldingbourne Ladies beat Amberley, 20 June 2016


Who: Aldingbourne Ladies and Amberley

When: 6.30pm, Monday 20 June 2016 sunset 9.19pm

Where: Walberton Sports Field, The Street, Arundel

Result: Aldingbourne Ladies win

Amberley won the toss and chose to bat.

Amberley's batting
BatsmanHow outBowlerRunsBalls
S Crossrun-out1
C Keatescaught (G Ifould)Heather Wadey28
S Turnercaught (J Wooldrige)Tina Martin10
L JaycocksbowledTina Martin10
Y Prattcaught (T Martin)Heather Wadey4
H Stempcaught (N Ifould)Karina Collier7
A AylwinbowledTina Martin1
K Coopernot out8
A Lockcaught (H Wadey)Tina Martin7
S PrattbowledTina Martin0
S LizottebowledTina Martin0
No balls3
Wicketsall out
Aldingbourne Ladies's bowlers
BowlerOvOversMdMdnsRunsWkWktsEconEconomyAvgAverageS/RStrike rate
Karina Collier1
Heather Wadey2
Tina Martin6
Aldingbourne Ladies's batting
BatsmanHow outBowlerRunsBalls
N Ifouldcaught (H Stemp)Y Pratt39
E Hashmicaught (C Keates)A Lock5
H Cooksoncaught (S Cross)A Lock26
J Wooldridgecaught (Y Pratt)A Lock1
A Wooldridgecaught and bowledA Lock0
C Mcknightcaught (C Keates)Y Pratt8
M McknightbowledH Stemp1
K Colliercaught (S Turner)Y Pratt6
H Wadeynot out6
Tina Martincaught (S Pratt)A Lock0
G Ifoulddid not bat
No balls4
Amberley's bowlers
BowlerOvOversMdMdnsRunsWkWktsEconEconomyAvgAverageS/RStrike rate
Y Pratt3
H Stemp1
A Lock5

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