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Willingdon, Eastbourne (Mixed)

The core of the team came together in about 1987 as Willingdon 'D' - the 4th team for Willingdon Stoolball Club. It was set up by some of the senior players as a youth team to bring more youngsters into the game.

Now, some twenty years on, it is the only Willingdon team still going. We always try to play youngsters whenever we can and have plenty of pre-season practices and training sessions to try to bring the new youngsters along.

Team formed: 1987

This team's colours are: navy.

When and where

This team plays at Willingdon School, Eastbourne.

Home matches are on Tuesday nights.


Contact details

Email: (email address available – please sign in)

Shane White
Club Secretary
Mobile: 07971 280 498