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The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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Player performances, most recent first
JenNewick Mixed lost to Brook Street9 Aug1
Sam Le-LievreNewick Mixed lost to Brook Street9 Aug53*
Leah HeadPulborough lost to Broadbridge Heath6 Aug28*0/30
Kelly RussellLaughton Ladies lost to Plumpton2 Aug280/23
Emma SymesLaughton Ladies lost to Plumpton2 Aug41*
Georgie HarrisonDitchling beat Chiddingly31 Jul67*1/621
Lilian PollardDitchling beat Chiddingly31 Jul34
Amy TuppenWivelsfield lost to Ringmer Ladies31 Jul
Emma BrinkhurstWivelsfield lost to Ringmer Ladies31 Jul64*
Nicky OuzmanChiddingly beat Laughton Ladies30 Jul93*0/232
Helen FinesChiddingly beat Laughton Ladies30 Jul30
Sarah ChoudhuryPenshurst Ladies beat Speldhurst30 Jul67*0/17
Amy TuppenWivelsfield lost to Buxted Park26 Jul39*
Kerry LingardWivelsfield lost to Buxted Park26 Jul54
Holly BennettIsfield beat Adastra Ladies26 Jul117*
Heidi SisonRingmer Ladies lost to Chiddingly26 Jul
Rhiannon Turner-NoakesRingmer Ladies lost to Chiddingly26 Jul
Tina JanmanIsfield beat Adastra Ladies26 Jul693
Kelly RussellLaughton Ladies beat Wivelsfield24 Jul123/411
Suzanne CraigLaughton Ladies beat Wivelsfield24 Jul352/23
Dianne AllcornPlumpton lost to Barcombe Ladies24 Jul3/77
Janet HughesPlumpton lost to Barcombe Ladies24 Jul73*1
Laura ArchChiddingly lost to Isfield24 Jul500/491
Lilian PollardChiddingly lost to Isfield24 Jul6*
Simone AkersBrook Street beat Maresfield Mixed19 Jul431/67
Tom WylieBrook Street beat Maresfield Mixed19 Jul52*
Claude LovettLaughton Ladies lost to Chiddingly19 Jul23
Courtney Turner-NoakesLaughton Ladies lost to Chiddingly19 Jul48*
Dianne AllcornPlumpton beat Ditchling19 Jul5/49
Susie HarrisonPlumpton beat Ditchling19 Jul47*0/331
Jen LayBarcombe Ladies beat Adastra Ladies19 Jul471
Amanda BerryBarcombe Ladies beat Adastra Ladies19 Jul31
Carla LeachIsfield beat Wivelsfield17 Jul65*
Fiona BowderyIsfield beat Wivelsfield17 Jul61*2
Martha SwallowGlynde Butterflies lost to Ditchling17 Jul163/29
Georgie HarrisonGlynde Butterflies lost to Ditchling17 Jul614/48
Elaine ParringtonBuxted Park lost to Adastra Ladies17 Jul150/18
Abi ElliffBuxted Park lost to Adastra Ladies17 Jul11
Rhiannon Turner-NoakesPlumpton v Chiddingly17 Jul823
Emma SymesPlumpton v Chiddingly17 Jul260/31
Becky LemmensBroadbridge Heath beat Aldingbourne Ladies16 Jul75*
Tina JanmanPlumpton lost to Adastra Ladies12 Jul55*
Andrea FunnellPlumpton lost to Adastra Ladies12 Jul0/37
Kerry LingardRingmer Ladies beat Buxted Park12 Jul57
Karen SargentGlynde Butterflies lost to Wivelsfield12 Jul62
Chloe CunnellGlynde Butterflies lost to Wivelsfield12 Jul
Helen FinesLaughton Ladies lost to Ditchling12 Jul33
Susie HarrisonLaughton Ladies lost to Ditchling12 Jul59*4/451
Holly BennettIsfield beat Chiddingly12 Jul119*
Bethan NancarrowRingmer Ladies beat Buxted Park12 Jul
1—50 of 1206 nominations
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