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The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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Player performances, most recent first
Rhiannon Turner-NoakesAdastra Ladies lost to Chiddingly30 Jul88
Hilary BottingAdastra Ladies lost to Chiddingly30 Jul510/263
Claire ColemanWivelsfield beat Plumpton30 Jul
Sophie DunnWivelsfield beat Plumpton30 Jul
Rhiannon Turner-NoakesChiddingly beat Ringmer Ladies25 Jul64*
Abigail TurnerChiddingly beat Ringmer Ladies25 Jul90/36
Nicky TuppenWivelsfield beat Laughton Ladies25 Jul58*
Helen FinesWivelsfield beat Laughton Ladies25 Jul48
Debbie DadswellPunnetts Town lost to Nutley Ladies24 Jul54
Carla LeachIsfield beat Barcombe Ladies23 Jul81*1
Janet HughesIsfield beat Barcombe Ladies23 Jul27
Nicky TuppenWivelsfield lost to Adastra Ladies23 Jul48*0/431
Hilary BottingWivelsfield lost to Adastra Ladies23 Jul572/53
Holly WellerBrook Street beat Fairwarp18 Jul9*3/51
Charlie & LucyBrook Street beat Fairwarp18 Jul
Alice ChapmanAdastra Ladies beat Buxted Park18 Jul0/12
Maddie ParsonsAdastra Ladies beat Buxted Park18 Jul
Mary Lonsdale CleeveLaughton Ladies lost to Ringmer Ladies18 Jul
Carol HonnisettLaughton Ladies lost to Ringmer Ladies18 Jul
Janet HughesPlumpton lost to Barcombe Ladies18 Jul541
Sophie DunnPlumpton lost to Barcombe Ladies18 Jul34
ZoeGlynde Butterflies beat Wivelsfield18 Jul53
Nicky TuppenGlynde Butterflies beat Wivelsfield18 Jul88*
Holly BennettIsfield beat Chiddingly18 Jul75*1
Sue OHareIsfield beat Chiddingly18 Jul7*0/9
Shelley StandingBuxted Park lost to Plumpton16 Jul
Abigail TaylorBuxted Park lost to Plumpton16 Jul
Angharad HillsWivelsfield lost to Barcombe Ladies16 Jul583/27
Poppy WilesWivelsfield lost to Barcombe Ladies16 Jul
Chris YatesNutley Mixed beat Brook Street11 Jul221
MiaNutley Mixed beat Brook Street11 Jul4*1
Abigail TurnerRingmer Ladies beat Plumpton11 Jul
Martha SwallowGlynde Butterflies lost to Adastra Ladies11 Jul173/331
Karen SpeirsRingmer Ladies beat Plumpton11 Jul
Hilary BottingGlynde Butterflies lost to Adastra Ladies11 Jul640/241
Helen FinesLaughton Ladies lost to Wivelsfield11 Jul
Nicky TuppenLaughton Ladies lost to Wivelsfield11 Jul
Holly BennettBarcombe Ladies beat Isfield11 Jul
Janet HughesBarcombe Ladies beat Isfield11 Jul45
LizHartfield Ladies beat Nutley Ladies10 Jul94*3/25
Ginette HobbsEast Preston beat Worthing and Ferring Ladies10 Jul74*0/02
Suzanne CraigWivelsfield beat Chiddingly9 Jul38*2
Lilian WatermanWivelsfield beat Chiddingly9 Jul15
Holly BennettIsfield beat Ringmer Ladies9 Jul102*1
Sue WilesIsfield beat Ringmer Ladies9 Jul57*0/59
Annie LyonsBuxted Park lost to Barcombe Ladies9 Jul52*
Kerry LingardBuxted Park lost to Barcombe Ladies9 Jul390/18
Helen FinesAdastra Ladies beat Laughton Ladies9 Jul34
Karen PrattAdastra Ladies beat Laughton Ladies9 Jul36*0/411
Karen SmithCopthorne lost to Nutley Ladies8 Jul255
1—50 of 1424 nominations
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