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If a player is out caught, caught and bowled, bowled, body before wicket or for hitting the ball twice the wicket is credited to the bowler and included here. Players run-out or timed out are not counted.

The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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Most wickets
1Tina MartinAldingbourne Ladies165522
2Claire HawkinsEast Preston154342
3Fiona BishopNewick Ladies93300
4Jacquie BowlesAdastra Ladies77220
5Y PrattAmberley83202
6Georgie MoonBurpham145191
7Julia GroutAlfold Ladies110177
8Lucy OrderFordcombe Ladies96176
9Amy DixNewick Ladies80167
10Karina CollierSlindon77165
=Sue HuntMaresfield Ladies96165
12Carolyn BrockmanCauseway Ladies102158
13Jacqui BowlesMiddleton Ladies72157
=Bryany BackshallClayton80157
=Rick MasonMaresfield Mixed124157
16Kerry ThorneBidborough Ladies91153
=Rachel CheneryEast Preston122153
18Avril HowardStonewall Park105151
19Sue BirdFordcombe Ladies89146
20Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton77135
21Lucy UnclesEast Preston97131
=Jenny GroutAlfold Ladies118131
23Jo WellerBrook Street73128
=Janet GoffNorth Holmwood105128
25Pat WyattAldingbourne Ladies82127
26Erin GreenstreetAshurst and Blackham Ladies78124
27Chris ForanOakwood Hill63121
28Angharad HillsBarcombe Ladies57120
29AliHolmbury St Mary80117
30Leah HeadBroadbridge Heath96116
31S TurnerAmberley80115
32Karina CollierAldingbourne Ladies46114
=Sandra TurnerSlindon61114
=Sarah HanhamFletching Ladies72114
=J HooperPulborough82114
36Dona StevensNorth Holmwood65113
=Sarah OramDorking71113
=Charley Zilwood-HuntAlfold Ladies82113
39Amanda RidleyBarcombe Ladies57111
=Beverley DavisFordcombe Ladies86111
41Paula BakerBroadbridge Heath47109
42Yolana PotterBidborough Ladies49106
=Jessica ChallenBurpham138106
44Karen BEwhurst77104
45Alan CollinWillingdon57102
=Georgie HarrisonDitchling68102
47Di IrwinClayton35101
=Sue BelcherStonewall Park59101
=Karen LockEast Preston142101
50TaraBeare Green49100
1—50 of 3305 players
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