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Economy rates for Hildenborough Ladies

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A bowler's economy rate measures how many runs he or she typically concedes in each over. Lower numbers are better. We only include people who have bowled in at least three matches.

The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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17 players
Economy rates
#PlayerTeamMatchesEconomy rate
1Helen AldridgeHildenborough Ladies36
2Lindsay YoungHildenborough Ladies387.38
3Jess ReayHildenborough Ladies78.48
4Kate BurnsHildenborough Ladies428.5
5Charlotte BrillHildenborough Ladies428.56
6Millie RoweHildenborough Ladies298.65
7Mel SwanHildenborough Ladies308.82
8Stella CollinsHildenborough Ladies879.02
9Carol StroudHildenborough Ladies109.14
10Sarah KirkpatrickHildenborough Ladies169.21
11Becky EtheringtonHildenborough Ladies519.34
12Rebecca SaundersHildenborough Ladies1310.05
13Lucy AldridgeHildenborough Ladies6910.13
14Alice CheesemanHildenborough Ladies1810.35
15Carole BoyceHildenborough Ladies2010.45
16Fiona WatkinsHildenborough Ladies910.96
17Helen SaundersHildenborough Ladies416.71
17 players

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