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Aldingbourne Ladies lost to Broadbridge Heath, 21 May 2018


Who: Aldingbourne Ladies and Broadbridge Heath

When: 6.30pm, Monday 21 May 2018 sunset 8.53pm

Where: Walberton Sports Field, The Street, Arundel

Result: Broadbridge Heath win

Aldingbourne Ladies's batting
BatsmanHow outBowlerRunsBalls
Clare McKnightbody before wicketEmma Turner6
Nicky Ifouldcaught (Leah Head)Isla Head16
Jess Colliercaught (Emma Haley)Jacky Haigh-Kneeshaw17
Sarah HarnettbowledEmma Haley9
Vicky Normancaught (Sally Booker)Emma Haley13
Molly McKnightcaught (Sally Booker)Emma Turner12
Karina Colliernot out17
Sharon Waggottdid not bat
Chris Doyledid not bat
Tina Martindid not bat
Molly Buxtondid not bat
No balls6
Broadbridge Heath's bowlers
BowlerOvOversMdMdnsRunsWkWktsEconEconomyAvgAverageS/RStrike rate
Leah Head3031010.33
Emma Turner301926.339.512
Emma Haley2022211118
Isla Head201718.51716
Jacky Haigh-Kneeshaw201115.51116
Broadbridge Heath's bowling, over-by-over
BowlerBallsWidesNo ballsRunsTotal
Leah Head81088
Emma Turner801816
Emma Haley8001531
Isla Head8021142
Jacky Haigh-Kneeshaw800446
Leah Head8111561
Emma Turner800465
Emma Haley801772
Isla Head810678
Jacky Haigh-Kneeshaw801785
Leah Head810893
Emma Turner8007100
Broadbridge Heath's batting
BatsmanHow outBowlerRunsBalls
Ruth Arthurcaught (Sharon Waggott)Tina Martin10
Becky Lemmensnot out89
Leah Headcaught (Clare McKnight)Tina Martin2
Emily Vowelsnot out25
Sally Bookerdid not bat
Leanne Lambdid not bat
Isla Headdid not bat
Sue Polsondid not bat
Jacky Haigh-Kneeshawdid not bat
Emma Turnerdid not bat
Emma Haleydid not bat
No balls5
Aldingbourne Ladies's bowlers
BowlerOvOversMdMdnsRunsWkWktsEconEconomyAvgAverageS/RStrike rate
Tina Martin2

Player of the match: Becky Lemmens (Broadbridge Heath)

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