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Player performances for Jo

The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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1—50 of 78 performances
Player performances, most recent first
JoCranleigh beat Wonersh3 Jul 1923
JoHolmbury St Mary beat Cranleigh1 Jul 1932
JoCranleigh lost to Ewhurst26 Jun 197*2
JoCranleigh lost to Holmbury St Mary19 Jun 1912
JoEwhurst beat Cranleigh22 May 194*1
JoGuildford beat Cranleigh14 May 1910
JoWonersh lost to Cranleigh7 May 197*11
JoCranleigh beat Holmbury St Mary27 Jun 18191
JoHolmbury St Mary beat Cranleigh14 Jun 1822
JoBeare Green beat Cranleigh11 Jun 1813
JoCranleigh beat Guildford6 Jun 180*
JoCranleigh lost to Strood Green Ladies30 May 185*1
JoCranleigh beat Holmbury St Mary16 May 1812
JoOakwood Hill beat Cranleigh26 Apr 180
JoCranleigh lost to Beare Green18 Apr 181
JoGuildford lost to Cranleigh25 Jul 17112
JoCranleigh beat Charlwood19 Jul 1711
JoStrood Green Ladies beat Cranleigh17 Jul 1712
JoCranleigh lost to Strood Green Ladies5 Jul 1782
JoCharlwood beat Cranleigh19 Jun 172
JoCranleigh lost to Guildford10 May 172
JoBeare Green lost to Cranleigh8 May 1701
JoCranleigh beat Beare Green3 May 1742
JoHolmbury St Mary beat Cranleigh24 Apr 173
JoCranleigh lost to Charlwood13 Jul 166*
JoBeare Green beat Cranleigh11 Jul 16102
JoCranleigh beat Beare Green6 Jul 1612
JoCranleigh beat Wonersh22 Jun 160
JoCranleigh beat Strood Green Ladies15 Jun 1620*1
JoBeare Green beat Cranleigh13 Jun 1672
JoEwhurst beat Cranleigh6 Jun 163
JoBeare Green tied with Cranleigh25 May 1611
JoWonersh lost to Cranleigh17 May 1621
JoCharlwood beat Cranleigh16 May 163
JoCranleigh lost to Ewhurst4 May 16202
JoDorking beat Cranleigh3 May 1622
JoCranleigh lost to Charlwood Ladies22 Jul 1551
JoStrood Green Ladies beat Cranleigh14 Jul 1516
JoWonersh lost to Cranleigh7 Jul 151012
JoCharlwood Ladies beat Cranleigh22 Jun 15121
JoCranleigh beat Wonersh17 Jun 153
JoCranleigh lost to Beare Green10 Jun 150
JoBeare Green beat Cranleigh8 Jun 1518
JoCranleigh lost to Guildford3 Jun 1501
JoOxshott beat Cranleigh1 Jun 157
JoCranleigh beat Strood Green Ladies27 May 153
JoGuildford beat Cranleigh12 May 1526
JoCranleigh beat Wonersh22 Apr 155*
JoCranleigh Bees lost to Beare Green7 Jul 1401
JoGuildford beat Cranleigh Bees17 Jun 1422
1—50 of 78 performances

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