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Batting averages

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A batsman's average measures how many runs he or she typically scores before getting out. We only include people who have batted at least three times, and got out at least once.

The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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1—50 of 3567 players
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Batting averages
1Rebecca SteptoweBidborough Ladies88724.42
2N TuppenRingmer Ladies9536
3Emma StantonBidborough Ladies69255.6
4Sean PowerOwen Williams77244
5Tina SteerSpeldhurst29228
6Kirsty PlummerPartridge Green3200
7D ClarkeBlackstone3186
9Anne HardwickLangton Green91177.33
10Steve WhittakerAmey4176
11SarahEast Grinstead Ladies9175.67
12BryonyHartfield Ladies14167.29
13Emma AllenUnited Friends6161.5
14Lee KenwardPegasus3158
15Jessica StanleyBurpham28154.22
16LyndseyHartfield Ladies5151
17MandyBrightling Ladies5145
18S WilesWivelsfield7142.67
19H GravetteRingmer Ladies6137.5
20Hollie HarringtonStonewall Park3132.5
21Rose RaintonLittle Common Ladies11127
23Lucy OrderFordcombe Ladies87126.07
24Jodie ShippPagham11124.75
25C LeachIsfield9118.4
26Melissa MantleAngmering Ladies3118
27Sarah HanhamFletching Ladies66113.78
=LauraHartfield Ladies8110
31Sarah MartinsBidborough Ladies11109.5
32M ChapmanAmberley19108.36
33JanetMountfield Ladies13107.14
34Kia LayneLindfield Juniors19106.86
35Julie GravettLindfield45105.46
37Laura MorrisHartfield Ladies18104.91
38Lucy UnclesEast Preston77104.84
39Holly BennettIsfield35103.28
40E ShippRoffey5102
41AnyaPett Ladies4101
42Gary WickensOwen Williams6100
43Wendy HealNewick Ladies9899
44Carla LeachIsfield3898.95
45Carla LeachFordcombe Ladies798.5
46Jo MalkinEast Grinstead Ladies498
=JohnThe Plums498
49Rick MasonEducation2296.17
50Alan TaylorM&R395
1—50 of 3567 players
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