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Statistics for Mid Sussex Mixed League, 2019 season


Batting statistics

Highest individual scores
1Dale PowisNutley MixedMaresfield Mixed21 May 1955*
2Sean PowerMaresfield MixedNewick Mixed11 Jul 1954*28
=Tom WylieBrook StreetNutley Mixed13 Jun 1954*
4Jordi SouthgateMaresfield MixedBrook Street30 May 1953*27
5Rob WellerBrook StreetFairwarp5 Jun 1952*
=Dale PowisNutley MixedFairwarp30 May 1952*
7Danni NewittMaresfield MixedMaresfield Mixed27 Jun 1951*
8Jordi SouthgateMaresfield MixedNutley Mixed21 May 1951
9NickNewick MixedBrook Street4 Jul 1950*29
10Jordi SouthgateMaresfield MixedFairwarp20 Aug 1948*

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Most scores of 100 or more

Most scores of 50 or more

Most runs
1Sean PowerMaresfield Mixed11253
2Tom WylieBrook Street9217
3Jordi SouthgateMaresfield Mixed6210
4Rob WellerBrook Street9172
5Dale PowisNutley Mixed5155
6NickNewick Mixed5146
7Andrew ElmsNutley Mixed5118
8Alison YaafeMaresfield Mixed10112
9Ian DobsonBrook Street8105
10Chris YatesNutley Mixed3104

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Best batting average
1Matt HardingNutley Mixed464
2Sean PowerMaresfield Mixed863.25
3Andrew ElmsNutley Mixed459
4Brian OsborneFairwarp356
5Jordi SouthgateMaresfield Mixed652.5
6Chris YatesNutley Mixed352
7Dale PowisNutley Mixed551.67
8Tom WylieBrook Street943.4
9Andy NewellMaresfield Mixed339.5
10NickNewick Mixed536.5

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Batting strike rate

Bowling statistics

Best bowling performances
1Dale PowisNutley MixedMaresfield Mixed27 Jun 19523
2Rob WellerBrook StreetNutley Mixed13 Jun 19439
3Holly WellerBrook StreetFairwarp18 Jul 1935
4David HemsleyNewick MixedBrook Street23 May 19323
5Ellie RowlandFairwarpMaresfield Mixed20 Aug 19326
6Rob WellerBrook StreetNewick Mixed4 Jul 19329
7Jo WellerBrook StreetNewick Mixed4 Jul 19331
8Jo WellerBrook StreetNutley Mixed11 Jul 19352
9Sandra WellerFairwarpFairwarp18 Jul 19354
10Howard CanningMaresfield MixedFairwarp20 Aug 1923

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Most wickets
1Rob WellerBrook Street913
2Dale PowisNutley Mixed511
3Ellie RowlandFairwarp510
=Jo WellerBrook Street910
5Holly WellerBrook Street88
6John LazenbyFairwarp67
=Rick MasonMaresfield Mixed117
8Danni NewittNutley Mixed56
=NickNewick Mixed56
=Lucy SmithNutley Mixed76
=Sean PowerMaresfield Mixed116

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Most times taking 5 wickets in an innings

Most wickets by a bowling and catching combination

Best bowling average
1Helen DobsonBrook Street46.8
2Dale PowisNutley Mixed58.27
3NickNewick Mixed511.5
4Jane WhitakerMaresfield Mixed413
5Sean PowerMaresfield Mixed713.33
6Rob WellerBrook Street813.62
7Jane MasonMaresfield Mixed314
8Tom WylieBrook Street415
9Andy NewellMaresfield Mixed315.5
10Rick MasonMaresfield Mixed815.57

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Best economy rate
#PlayerTeamMatchesEconomy rate
1NickNewick Mixed56.9
2John LazenbyFairwarp66.94
3Jane MasonMaresfield Mixed37
4Jordan RemnantBrook Street57.2
5Tom WylieBrook Street47.5
6Andy NewellMaresfield Mixed37.75
7Lucy SmithNutley Mixed77.89
8Dale PowisNutley Mixed58.27
9Jack DeaconBrook Street68.3
10Rob WellerBrook Street88.43

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Best bowling strike rate
#PlayerTeamMatchesStrike rate
1Helen DobsonBrook Street46.4
2Dale PowisNutley Mixed58
3Jane WhitakerMaresfield Mixed410
4Sean PowerMaresfield Mixed710.67
5TashNewick Mixed312
6Rob WellerBrook Street812.92
7NickNewick Mixed513.33
8Ellie RowlandFairwarp513.6
9Rick MasonMaresfield Mixed813.71
10Danni NewittNutley Mixed514.67

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Fielding statistics

Most catches
1Tom WylieBrook Street911
2Jack DeaconBrook Street610
3Jordi SouthgateMaresfield Mixed66
4Dale PowisNutley Mixed55
6JoshNewick Mixed34
=Brett ButlerNutley Mixed74
=Holly WellerBrook Street84
=Rick MasonMaresfield Mixed114
10John LazenbyFairwarp63
=Helen DobsonBrook Street73
=Jordan RemnantBrook Street83
=Alison YaafeMaresfield Mixed103

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Most catches in an innings

Most run-outs
1Rob WellerBrook Street94
2Holly WellerBrook Street83
3Andrew ElmsNutley Mixed52
=Helen DobsonBrook Street72
=Jo WellerBrook Street92
6LucyNutley Mixed11
=Harry ClewleyMaresfield Mixed21
=Brian OsborneFairwarp31
=Freya Le-LievreNewick Mixed31
=Steve PeggMaresfield Mixed41
=Ellie RowlandFairwarp51
=Jack DeaconBrook Street61
=Lucy SmithNutley Mixed71

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Most run-outs in an innings

All-round performance statistics

Most player of the match nominations
1Dale PowisNutley Mixed52
=Holly WellerBrook Street82
=Rob WellerBrook Street92
4Charlie & LucyFairwarp11
=Charlie OsbourneFairwarp11
=MiaBrook Street11
=ThomasBrook Street11
=Claire AndersonMaresfield Mixed21
=Harry RummeryMaresfield Mixed21
=Ryan IstedMaresfield Mixed21
=Chris YatesNutley Mixed31
=Freya Le-LievreNewick Mixed31
=Andy NewellMaresfield Mixed51
=EmmaNewick Mixed51
=Matt HardingNutley Mixed51
=NickNewick Mixed51
=Jane MasonMaresfield Mixed61
=John LazenbyFairwarp61
=Michael StonerBrook Street71
=Sean PowerMaresfield Mixed111

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Player of the match nominations

Player performances

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