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Stoolball England (West Kent) Indoor League (Ladies), 2019/20 season

2019/20 will be the first year that indoor stoolball is being played in West Kent. This season's matches are being played at Hayesbrook School, Brook St, Tonbridge TN9 2PH

Stoolball England (West Kent) indoor league rules 2019/20:-

1. Matches to be played at the Hayesbrook School, Brook St, Tonbridge TN9 2PH.
2. Matches to be played on Wednesday evenings starting Wednesday 9th October.
3. Matches to be played each week at 8.00pm.
4. 8 players per team
5. 10 overs per innings, wides and no balls scored as 3 runs and no extra balls bowled.
6. 5 bowlers to be used, no bowler to bowl more that 2 overs.
7. Bowling will be from one end with batsmen changing ends at the end of overs.
8. If the ball hits any wall or ceiling (even more than once), including the back wall behind the wicket-keeper, two runs plus the number of runs completed by the batsmen shall be scored. If the wicket-keeper misses the ball and it hits the back wall, then 2 runs are scored as byes.
9. Batsmen to retire having scored 25 runs, to return to join the last batsman.
10. Last batsman not to carry on, innings closed after the loss of 7 wickets.
11. One umpire and one scorer (two scorers if available).
12. Indoor rules set out at - NOTE:- We are adopting a few variations.


Contact details

Richard Emsley
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