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Coastal Mini-league, 2015 season


The Coastal Mini-league is played at the end of the season after the main Coastal League has finished.

Matches in 2015 season

  • Maresfield Ladies tournament

    11.15am, Sunday 28 June 2015. Open.

  • Charlwood Ladies Stoolball Tournament

    10am, Sunday 5 July 2015. Open.

  • Steyning Ladies Tournament

    10.30am, Sunday 5 July 2015. Invited teams only.

  • East Preston v Worthing and Ferring Ladies (friendly match)

    6.30pm, Wednesday 29 July 2015

  • Amberley tournament (Ladies)

    10.30am, Sunday 2 August 2015. Invited teams only.

  • East Preston tournament (Ladies)

    10.30pm, Sunday 9 August 2015. Open.

  • Worthing & Ferring Ladies

    10.30am, Sunday 16 August 2015. Open.

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Teams playing in 2015 season

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