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Plumpton beat Buxted Park, 17 May 2018


Who: Plumpton and Buxted Park

When: 6.30pm, Thursday 17 May 2018 sunset 8.46pm

Where: King George V Playing Field, Plumpton Green

Result: Plumpton win

Buxted Park's batting
BatsmanHow outBowlerRunsBalls
Steph Beltoncaught and bowledDianne Allcorn4
Jas Tilleycaught (Louise Simmonds)Dianne Allcorn0
Chris Beltoncaught (Andrea Funnell)Dianne Allcorn42
Kerry Lingardcaught (Dianne Allcorn)Karen Speirs24
Jackie Webbercaught (Andrea Funnell)Karen Speirs0
Leonie RideoutbowledKaren Speirs5
Elaine ParringtonbowledKaren Speirs0
Daniella Rideoutnot out5
No balls11
Plumpton's bowlers
BowlerOvOversMdMdnsRunsWkWktsEconEconomyAvgAverageS/RStrike rate
Dianne Allcorn402937.259.6710.67
Andrea Funnell502905.8
Karen Speirs40284778
Emma Symes10707
Plumpton's bowling, over-by-over
BowlerBallsWidesNo ballsRunsTotal
Dianne Allcorn81288
Andrea Funnell800210
Dianne Allcorn800515
Andrea Funnell800722
Dianne Allcorn822830
Andrea Funnell810636
Karen Speirs800743
Andrea Funnell800649
Karen Speirs800554
Andrea Funnell811862
Emma Symes802769
Karen Speirs810877
Dianne Allcorn811885
Karen Speirs811893
Plumpton's batting
BatsmanHow outBowlerRunsBalls
Karen Fordcaught (Chris Belton)Jas Tilley18
Emma Symesnot out43
Alannah Dalbycaught and bowledSteph Belton10
Rebecca Marrinernot out16
Louise Simmondsdid not bat
Karen Speirsdid not bat
Mel Bennydid not bat
Lynne Bannisterdid not bat
Dianne Allcorndid not bat
Andrea Funnelldid not bat
Allison Chittydid not bat
No balls12
Buxted Park's bowlers
BowlerOvOversMdMdnsRunsWkWktsEconEconomyAvgAverageS/RStrike rate
Steph Belton4042110.54232
Chris Belton1011011
Kerry Lingard1010010
Jas Tilley20321163216
Jackie Webber1011011
Buxted Park's bowling, over-by-over
BowlerBallsWidesNo ballsRunsTotal
Steph Belton81177
Chris Belton8021118
Kerry Lingard8011028
Steph Belton8001341
Jas Tilley832950
Steph Belton8011161
Jas Tilley8152384
Steph Belton8111195
Jackie Webber84011106

Plumpton player of the match: Emma Symes

Buxted Park player of the match: Chris Belton

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