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Statistics at Ashurst and Blackham Sports Ground, Tunbridge Wells


Batting statistics

Highest individual scores
1Julie TownsendAshurst and Blackham LadiesSpeldhurst16 May163*
2Julie TownsendAshurst and Blackham LadiesLangton Green17 Jul 17153*
3Rebecca SteptoweBidborough LadiesAshurst and Blackham Ladies25 Jun138*
4Julie TownsendAshurst and Blackham LadiesSpeldhurst12 Jun 17134
5Julie TownsendAshurst and Blackham LadiesPenshurst Ladies9 Jul133*
6Julie TownsendAshurst and Blackham LadiesFordcombe Ladies10 May 17114*
7Sam Le LeviereAshurst and Blackham LadiesStonewall Park18 Jun106*
8Julie TownsendAshurst and Blackham LadiesLeigh Ladies23 May103*
9Julie TownsendAshurst and Blackham LadiesLeigh Ladies3 May 1799
10Rebecca SteptoweBidborough LadiesAshurst and Blackham Ladies28 Jun 1797*

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Most scores of 100 or more

Most scores of 50 or more

Most runs
1Julie TownsendAshurst and Blackham Ladies261550
2Emma BowersAshurst and Blackham Ladies481037
3Toni BaldwinAshurst and Blackham Ladies41720
4Lindsey GreenstreetAshurst and Blackham Ladies40599
5Katrina Bruce SmytheAshurst and Blackham Ladies30393
6Megan Bruce SmytheAshurst and Blackham Ladies30361
7Sam Le LeviereAshurst and Blackham Ladies11347
8Rebecca SteptoweBidborough Ladies4317
9Lucy OrderFordcombe Ladies5287
10Anne HardwickLangton Green5250

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Best batting average
1Rebecca SteptoweBidborough Ladies4317
2Emma StantonBidborough Ladies5163
3Anne HardwickLangton Green5125
4Julie TownsendAshurst and Blackham Ladies26103.33
5Lucy OrderFordcombe Ladies595.67
6Danielle ParfettLeigh Ladies579.67
7Sam Le LeviereAshurst and Blackham Ladies1157.83
8Fiona MilesStonewall Park445.67
9Kim SmithFordcombe Ladies442
10Avril HowardStonewall Park541.33

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Batting strike rate

Bowling statistics

Best bowling performances
1Yolana PotterBidborough LadiesAshurst and Blackham Ladies8 Aug 16726
2Beverley DavisFordcombe LadiesAshurst and Blackham Ladies11 May 1666
3Sophie MinoprioAshurst and Blackham LadiesSevenoaks Weald24 May 17628
4Lucy OrderFordcombe LadiesAshurst and Blackham Ladies9 May637
5Sophie MinoprioAshurst and Blackham LadiesGroombridge Ladies1 Jul 15512
6Erin GreenstreetAshurst and Blackham LadiesFour Elms8 Jul 15517
7Erin GreenstreetAshurst and Blackham LadiesLeigh Ladies18 Jul 16529
8Katrina Bruce SmytheAshurst and Blackham LadiesSpeldhurst12 May 14533
9Becky FrenchPenshurst LadiesAshurst and Blackham Ladies8 Jun 15541
10Megan HumphreysPenshurst LadiesAshurst and Blackham Ladies31 Jul 17417

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Most wickets
1Erin GreenstreetAshurst and Blackham Ladies3860
2Megan Bruce SmytheAshurst and Blackham Ladies3047
3Katrina Bruce SmytheAshurst and Blackham Ladies3035
4Sophie MinoprioAshurst and Blackham Ladies2934
5Karen RodemarkAshurst and Blackham Ladies4521
6Yolana PotterBidborough Ladies313
=Lucy OrderFordcombe Ladies513
8Becky FrenchPenshurst Ladies410
9Helen AvisLangton Green49
10Beverley DavisFordcombe Ladies48
=Sue BirdFordcombe Ladies58
=Alisha RobinsonAshurst and Blackham Ladies108

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Most times taking 5 wickets in an innings

Most wickets by a bowling and catching combination

Best bowling average
1Michelle AdamsAshurst and Blackham Ladies44.86
2Lorna TownsendAshurst and Blackham Ladies510.6
3Lindsey GreenstreetAshurst and Blackham Ladies510.67
4Sasha CoggerAshurst and Blackham Ladies811.71
5Amy AillesPenshurst Ladies312.5
6Lucy OrderFordcombe Ladies413.11
7Becky FrenchPenshurst Ladies413.6
8Beverley DavisFordcombe Ladies314.5
9Georgia NewmanBidborough Ladies315.6
10Sue BelcherStonewall Park316.86

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Best economy rate
#PlayerTeamMatchesEconomy rate
1Michelle AdamsAshurst and Blackham Ladies44.86
2Megan Bruce SmytheAshurst and Blackham Ladies296.01
3Katrina Bruce SmytheAshurst and Blackham Ladies306.28
4Lindsey GreenstreetAshurst and Blackham Ladies56.4
5Sophie MinoprioAshurst and Blackham Ladies286.79
6Sasha CoggerAshurst and Blackham Ladies86.83
7Sue BelcherStonewall Park36.94
8Ellie CoggerAshurst and Blackham Ladies67
9Becky FrenchPenshurst Ladies47.16
10Sue BirdFordcombe Ladies47.35

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Best bowling strike rate
#PlayerTeamMatchesStrike rate
1Michelle AdamsAshurst and Blackham Ladies48.86
2Amy AillesPenshurst Ladies310.5
3Lorna TownsendAshurst and Blackham Ladies511.2
4Beverley DavisFordcombe Ladies313.33
=Lindsey GreenstreetAshurst and Blackham Ladies513.33
6Sasha CoggerAshurst and Blackham Ladies813.86
7Lucy OrderFordcombe Ladies414.56
8Becky FrenchPenshurst Ladies415.5
9Georgia NewmanBidborough Ladies316
10Amy GardenerAshurst and Blackham Ladies919

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Fielding statistics

Most catches
1Emma BowersAshurst and Blackham Ladies4843
2Toni BaldwinAshurst and Blackham Ladies4126
3Lindsey GreenstreetAshurst and Blackham Ladies4016
4Sophie MinoprioAshurst and Blackham Ladies2912
5Lynda BrownAshurst and Blackham Ladies4110
6Julie TownsendAshurst and Blackham Ladies268
=Megan Bruce SmytheAshurst and Blackham Ladies308
8Rebecca SteptoweBidborough Ladies47
=Kim SmithFordcombe Ladies57
=Katrina Bruce SmytheAshurst and Blackham Ladies307
=Erin GreenstreetAshurst and Blackham Ladies387

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Most catches in an innings

Most run-outs
1Megan Bruce SmytheAshurst and Blackham Ladies304
2Jo HumphreysSevenoaks Weald22
=Katrina Bruce SmytheAshurst and Blackham Ladies302
4Sally Lloyd - DaviesStonewall Park11
=Vivienne TeckoeSevenoaks Weald11
=Alice GrantStonewall Park21
=Jessica MouveSevenoaks Weald21
=Roberta BriantSevenoaks Weald21
=Amy GardenerAshurst and Blackham Ladies131
=Julie TownsendAshurst and Blackham Ladies261
=Erin GreenstreetAshurst and Blackham Ladies381
=Lindsey GreenstreetAshurst and Blackham Ladies401
=Lynda BrownAshurst and Blackham Ladies411
=Karen RodemarkAshurst and Blackham Ladies451

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Most run-outs in an innings

All-round performance statistics

Most player of the match nominations
1Julie TownsendAshurst and Blackham Ladies262
=Toni BaldwinAshurst and Blackham Ladies412
3Erin GreenstreetAshurst and Blackham Ladies381
=Lindsey GreenstreetAshurst and Blackham Ladies401
=Lynda BrownAshurst and Blackham Ladies411

Player of the match nominations

Player performances

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