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Fairwarp (Mixed)


Reformed in 2015, we will be playing friendlies to get started.

When and where

This team plays at Fairwarp QE2 Field, Fairwarp.

Matches this season

  • Fairwarp v Maresfield Mixed (postponed)

    7pm, Friday 17 May

  • Nutley Mixed beat Fairwarp

    7pm, Thursday 30 May

  • Fairwarp lost to Brook Street

    7pm, Wednesday 5 June

  • Newick Mixed v Fairwarp

    7pm, Thursday 13 June

  • Fairwarp v Nutley Mixed

    7pm, Wednesday 19 June

  • Fairwarp v Newick Mixed

    7pm, Wednesday 26 June

  • Fairwarp beat Maresfield Mixed

    7pm, Friday 28 June

  • Lewes Arms beat Fairwarp

    6.30pm, Wednesday 3 July

  • Maresfield Mixed beat Fairwarp

    7pm, Friday 5 July

  • Brook Street beat Fairwarp

    7pm, Thursday 18 July

  • Fairwarp v Lewes Arms

    6.30pm, Wednesday 14 August

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Contact details

Email: Fairwarp.stoolball@…