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Stoolball England (Crowborough) Indoor Mixed League, 2017/18 season


The Stoolball England (Crowborough) Mixed Indoor League is due to start on Sunday 4th February 2018.

We have three teams in this first season; Hartfield, Maresfield and Yew Tree. With matches due to be played on Sundays 4th & 18th February and 4th March at Crowborough Leisure Centre from 2pm

SE(C)MIL indoor rules 2018:-

1. Matches to be played at Crowborough Leisure Centre, Eridge Rd, Crowborough TN6 2TN
2. Matches to be played on Sundays starting Sunday 4th February.
3. 8 players per team, max. 4 male.
4. 16 overs per innings, wides and no balls scored as 3 runs and no extra balls bowled.
5. 6 bowlers to be used (3 male and 3 female), no bowler to bowl more that 3 overs.
6. Bowling will be from one end with batsmen changing ends at the end of overs.
7. If the ball hits any wall or ceiling (even more than once), including the back wall behind the wicket-keeper, two runs plus the number of runs completed by the batsmen shall be scored. If the wicket-keeper misses the ball and it hits the back wall, then 2 runs are scored as byes.
8. Batsmen to bat in pairs for 4 overs each pair. For every wicket lost, 5 runs to be deducted from total score.
9. One umpire and one scorer (two scorers if available).
10. Indoor rules set out at - https://www.stoolball.org.uk/rules/indoor/. NOTE:- We are adopting a few variations.

Matches in 2017/18 season

  • Hartfield Mixed beat Maresfield Mixed

    2pm, Sunday 4 February 2018

  • Maresfield Mixed lost to Yew Tree

    3.30pm, Sunday 4 February 2018

  • Maresfield Mixed v Yew Tree

    3pm, Sunday 25 February 2018

  • Yew Tree v Hartfield Mixed

    4.30pm, Sunday 25 February 2018

  • Hartfield Mixed v Maresfield Mixed

    2pm, Sunday 18 March 2018

  • Yew Tree v Hartfield Mixed

    3.30pm, Sunday 18 March 2018

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Teams playing in 2017/18 season

Contact details

Richard Emsley
Email:-  richard@…
Phone:- 01293 512528
Mobile:- 07708 197740

Team contacts for INDOOR only are:-

Hartfield - Denise Goldsmith - dgoldsmith@… -
Maresfield - Jane Whittaker - janedeansd@… -
Yew Tree - Jacqui Davidson - jacquidavidson19@… -

2017/18 season
Suebest batting39*
Sean Power62 runs