Coaching stoolball

Stoolball England is now applying for funding to develop a new, comprehensive coaching programme

Please contact us for more details and to register interest

  • ‘'Stoolball Maker'. An introductory level workshop for stoolball clubs and community groups focusing on making your sessions fun and engaging
  • ‘Young Stoolball Makers’ workshop for secondary school students
  • 'Introduction to Stoolball’ CPD for primary/secondary school teachers, Universities and Colleges
  • ‘Introduction to Stoolball’ a stoolball specific add-on course for coaches qualified to L2 in other sports.

Umpiring and scoring courses

Our courses for stoolball umpires and scorers are typically held together. The two groups learn their subjects in separate indoor sessions, then come together outside to umpire and score a practice match.

DVD: Let's Play Stoolball

Aimed at beginners, this DVD and booklet explains the rules of stoolball and promotes the atmosphere and friendliness which runs through the sport.

DVD: Skills and drills for stoolball

Stoolball England's coaching DVD explains how to bowl spin, how to bat effectively, how to improve your fielding, and suggests practices for your class or team. It's an excellent way to improve your stoolball.

Coaching manual for stoolball

Do you want to get better at stoolball? Are you teaching the sport at school, or coaching players in a club? The Stoolball England coaching manual teaches you the key skills of batting, bowling and fielding: everything from cut and drive shots to spin bowling and overarm throwing.