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Matches and results - why you should add yours

It's easy to add your matches and results to our website, and there are lots of reasons why it's a good idea.

Convenient for your team

All of your players can add your fixture list to the calendars on their phones or desktop computers, and unlike the paper copy it'll be up-to-date with any rescheduled matches. Anyone who uses an online calendar like Outlook or iCal can download your matches into their calendar automatically, saving them a lot of re-typing.

You might also find some new players. When you make it easy for people to see when and where you play, they'll know straight away whether they can get to your matches.

League tables available any time

If your league adds all its results, ask us to work out your league table for you automatically. This can be a big time-saver for your results officer, and we've also seen it encourage more interest in leagues as the season reaches its climax. With a league table that's updated as soon as each result is published, players come to the website to see not only where their own team stands, but also which matches between other teams are going to be important. See an example in the SCSA Mid Division league or read League tables - how they work.

Players also have the chance to add comments to any match, so you can continue the discussion about that controversial catch or run-out after everyone's gone home.

Statistics, tables and charts

You can see at a glance how well a player or a team is doing. Then delve deeper for detailed statistics on individual performances, averages, strike rates and more.

Add your results and we'll show you how your team is faring this season compared to past years. You'll see which opponents you've played most - and whether you've beaten them. Add the final score and we'll show you your average total, run difference, highest and lowest innings, and more.

When you add your full scorecard, every player gets a breakdown of their batting, bowling and fielding performances. You can see where they do well, and where they don't, then you can help them improve. We'll compile lists of the best players and the best performances, so you can compare yourself not just against your team-mates but against other teams and even other leagues. For a taste of what's on offer, try some Maresfield Mixed players or see How to add match results.

We'll keep adding more statistics using the scores you enter now, so it pays to make sure your results are up-to-date and complete. If you want to see more you can even dig out your old scorebooks and put your past seasons' results online to see whether you're improving.

If you'd like to discuss any of these features please contact us.