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How to add match results

Add the winner of your match and, if you have a results table, it'll be updated immediately. Spend a little longer typing in your full scorecard, and you'll be rewarded with detailed tables, charts and statistics for every player in your team.

If your match isn't already listed, add it. Go to your team or league's page and on the 'Matches' tab look for the links to "Add match", "Add league match" or "Add friendly match". Click the relevant link and fill in the match details.

Once you know the result of a match, go to your team or league's page and on the 'Matches' tab click the link to the match. On the match page click “Edit result”.

Fill in as many fields as you can, but don't worry if you don't know all the details.

Step 1 is to select who won the toss and which team batted first. This is so we know which scorecard to show first.

Tell us now if the match was cancelled. You'll be taken straight back to the match page, skipping the remaining steps.

Steps 2 and 3 are the first innings scorecard. Just copy the names and scores onto the screen, exactly as they appear in your scorebook. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • it's much quicker if you use the keyboard rather than your mouse. Use the tab key to move from field to field
  • if you've mentioned someone before we'll fill in their name automatically to save you time
  • list the whole team including those who didn't bat, so that we know everyone who played and can update their playing record
  • a few leagues have a “bonus/penalty runs” box. Most people can ignore it, but if you need to enter penalty runs use a negative number, like "-5"
  • the “balls bowled” column on the bowling card is usually “8”, but if a team is all out part-way through an over it can be fewer

Steps 4 and 5 are the second innings scorecard, which works just like the first innings.

In Step 6 you'll confirm the winner and the player of the match.

When you click the “Save match” button you'll be taken to an updated view of the match with the scorecards you entered, along with batting and bowling statistics we'll work out for you.

You can click on any player's name in the scorecard to see how their performance has affected their overall statistics and charts, or visit pages for your team or your league to see if anyone's performance was good enough to get into the record tables.

Want to know more?

If there are other statistics or charts you'd like us to show, please contact us. With complete scorecards we can answer many different questions you may never have thought to ask when it was all on paper.

If you'd like to put your older scorecards online to see how your players have improved over time, you can. If your league doesn't already have a page for the year you want to add, contact us with the name of the league and the teams that played in that year and we'll set it up for you.