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Insurance – a MUST for every club

Your club, league or association must be insured when playing stoolball. If you would like to participate in Stoolball England's insurance scheme, your league or association must be affiliated to Stoolball England. If your club, league or association chooses not to participate in our insurance scheme, you MUST confirm to Stoolball England that you have insurance by another means.

  • Our Civil Liability insurance this year will cost - £58.00.
  • Our Personal Accident insurance will cost £5.00 per senior member and £1.00 per junior member (under 16). Please note that there is no admin fee on this policy this year.  You must ensure a minimum of 14 senior members are covered (£70.00).

Leagues and Counties are required to affiliate with Stoolball England.

  • The cost for affiliation this year remains the same at £25.00 per county.
  • For those clubs wishing to take our insurance with us, but are currently not playing in an affiliated league, you can do so by paying an associative fee of £15.00  on top of the insurance premium. 

We send out letters to clubs, leagues and associations which have used our insurance before. If you haven't used our insurance before, please contact our Membership Secretary - Richard Emsley ((email address available – please sign in)).

If you have any queries regarding payment of insurance, please contact our Treasurer - Georgie Rayland ((email address available – please sign in) or (email address available – please sign in)).