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Welcome to the new Stoolball England website

Tuesday 30 March 2021

Welcome to the new Stoolball England website - rebuilt from the ground up to be more modern, faster and more reliable than our previous site. It's been a full year in the making, started with the first UK lockdown as a project to make good use of all the spare time we've had since then.

Most of the features you're familiar with are still here, and those that aren't will be returning over the next few months. In addition look out for:

  • everything is now built to work on your mobile as well as it does on your laptop
  • everything is now editable by you, where previously you had to send us a lot of your updates - with the right permissions you can add and edit your teams, your grounds, your clubs and your leagues
  • we're now more GDPR-compliant, giving you control over which cookies you accept and with your private data protected by encryption
  • we have statistics for clubs, so you can see your ladies, mixed and junior teams together if you have them
  • your teams can have multiple home locations - particularly good for those that play indoor and outdoor stoolball

If you had an account on our old website it will still work, but you'll need to reset your password. If you need permissions to edit your team or competition, please contact us.

Behind the scenes the new site is ready to support more new features too. I'm rebuilding the features from the old website first, but after that you can expect to see:

  • combined statistics for players who change their name or play for multiple teams - probably our most requested feature
  • support for teams that change their name
  • support for matches with multiple innings
  • support for some new statistics, such as tracking batting partnerships
  • support for awards other than 'player of the match', such as 'Champagne moment' or 'player of the season'
  • support for friendly matches played against one-off teams

Rick Mason