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Relaxation of COVID restrictions

Monday 19 July 2021

As we move out of the lockdown restrictions that have been in place for many months we are sure you all want to get back to playing stoolball with more freedom. We have identified some key guidance for you from Sport England:
  • Restrictions have been lifted on numbers participating in activities indoors and outdoors.
  • Stoolball can take place without set restrictions.
  • All sports facilities can re-open including the ancillary services.
  • Capacity limits have been lifted.
  • Organised sports can have uncapped spectators.

Please note however you must check the current rules at any venue they use as they may well put in place their own temporary regulations as they see fit. We ask you to kindly follow those regulations. 

Note further guidance is available on the Government website including how to reduce transmission when you are exercising. 

If you would like help with temporary regulations you would like to put in place for your club please let us know and we can help you establish them.