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Important reminder of COVID-19 procedures

Friday 17 July 2020

A gentle reminder of some of the more important procedures needed for the resumption of stoolball during the pandemic.

  1. A contact register must be kept by the home team for 4 weeks after the match. It must include everyone; players, scorers, umpires and spectators. Their names and phone numbers must be recorded.
  2. Social distancing must be adhered to at all times.
    • Chairs brought from home should be spaced out.
    • Players and umpires should be spaced out on the pitch.
    • No hugs or high-fives to be allowed as celebrations.
  3. All shared equipment to be cleaned prior to use by another person. The ball should be cleaned and disinfected every 6 overs. Players should also disinfect their hands with hand sanitiser every 6 overs. The ball should also be disinfected at the end of an innings.
  4. Facilities which are used by other clubs and users should remain closed, with no or limited access to toilets, changing rooms and hand-washing facilities. If outside toilets are available these should be used over clubhouse ones.
  5. The fielding team should provide their own ball for the batting team to strike. Therefore only the fielding team will touch that ball.
  6. Each player should provide their own kit, bat and protective equipment. Team "bat bags" are discouraged. Kit and equipment should be securely stored in a bag and not left out.
  7. Clubs should set up a hand-washing station outside the club house if possible.
  8. Players should arrive at games and practices by walking, or in their own car with members of their household or support bubble. Public transport and car sharing is discouraged.