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'Stoolball Illustrated And How To Play It' by W W Grantham

Published in 1919, ‘Stoolball Illustrated And How To Play It’ by Major W W Grantham is both a fascinating primary source from the time of stoolball’s revival after the First World War, and also a good summary of this history of the sport.

Grantham was largely responsible for the revival, recognising that soldiers injured in the war could play stoolball, and he took it to wherever those soldiers could be found.

It includes:

  • A dedication to HRH Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll
  • Forewords by General Mackinnon, the President of the Pavilion General Hospital in Brighton, the Secretary of the MCC and Mabel Thomas
  • A history of the sport
  • Photographs and scorecards from matches at the Royal Pavilion Hospital in Brighton and Lord’s Cricket Ground in London
  • The rules of stoolball
  • Advantages of stoolball over cricket and football
  • A list of historical references to stoolball.

Stoolball Illustrated And How To Play It (PDF, 3.6MB)

Book cover - Stoolball Illustrated And How To Play It by W W Grantham