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Statistics for Sussex County Stoolball Association Central Division Junior League, All seasons


Batting statistics

Highest individual scores
1Kia LayneLindfield JuniorsHorsted Keynes Juniors25 Jun 1899*
2Kia LayneLindfield JuniorsBalcombe Juniors16 May 1677
3Holly HerbertLindfield JuniorsHorsted Keynes Juniors25 Jun 1868*
4Kia LayneLindfield JuniorsBalcombe Juniors6 Jun 1668
5Kia LayneLindfield JuniorsHorsted Keynes Juniors21 May 1864*
6Kia LayneLindfield JuniorsPartridge Green Juniors26 Jun 1756*
7Amber LayneLindfield JuniorsBalcombe Juniors16 May 1650
8Josie BatchelorHorsted Keynes JuniorsLindfield Juniors22 Jun 1547
9Kia LayneLindfield JuniorsBalcombe Juniors22 May 1744*
=Kia LayneLindfield JuniorsHorsted Keynes Juniors20 Jun 1644*

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Most runs
1Kia LayneLindfield Juniors20748
2Eva GilbertLindfield Juniors14227
3Amber LayneLindfield Juniors11222
4Millie HerbertLindfield Juniors20208
5Holly HerbertLindfield Juniors8123
6Zoe FairhallLindfield Juniors12122
7Chloe ParkerLindfield Juniors12116
8Megan SimsLindfield Juniors19108
9Emily FairhallLindfield Juniors696
10Thalia BarnabyLindfield Juniors968

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Best batting average
1Kia LayneLindfield Juniors19106.86
2Holly HerbertLindfield Juniors741
3Amber LayneLindfield Juniors1137
4Eva GilbertLindfield Juniors1328.38
5Kasey MeadenLindfield Juniors527
6Zoe FairhallLindfield Juniors1124.4
7Millie HerbertLindfield Juniors1723.11
8MiaPartridge Green Juniors521
9Emma MitchellLindfield Juniors320
10Emily FairhallLindfield Juniors619.2

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Batting strike rate

Bowling statistics

Best bowling performances
1Emily FairhallLindfield JuniorsBalcombe Juniors15 Jun 15731
2Zoe FairhallLindfield JuniorsHorsted Keynes Juniors4 Jul 1659
3Hollie HerbertLindfield JuniorsBalcombe Juniors12 Jun 17515
4Zoe FairhallLindfield JuniorsPartridge Green Juniors8 Jun 15522
5Zoe FairhallLindfield JuniorsBalcombe Juniors11 May 15523
6Hollie HerbertLindfield JuniorsHorsted Keynes Juniors19 Jun 17538
7Millie WalkerHorsted Keynes JuniorsLindfield Juniors4 Jul 165
8Holly HerbertLindfield JuniorsPartridge Green Juniors4 Jun 18410
9Zoe FairhallLindfield JuniorsHorsted Keynes Juniors20 Jun 16431
10Kia LayneLindfield JuniorsHorsted Keynes Juniors20 Jun 16433

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Most wickets
1Zoe FairhallLindfield Juniors1236
2Kia LayneLindfield Juniors2021
3Hollie HerbertLindfield Juniors711
4MaiseyPartridge Green Juniors610
=Holly HerbertLindfield Juniors810
6Emily FairhallLindfield Juniors69
=Sophie MitchellLindfield Juniors119
8Millie HerbertLindfield Juniors208
9LucyHorsted Keynes Juniors37
10Jess CoxLindfield Juniors46
=MillieBalcombe Juniors46
=Honey HipgraveLindfield Juniors76
=Chloe ParkerLindfield Juniors126
=Megan SimsLindfield Juniors196

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Most wickets by a bowling and catching combination

Best bowling average
1Sophie MitchellLindfield Juniors63
2Megan SimsLindfield Juniors116.17
3Chloe ParkerLindfield Juniors66.33
4Honey HipgraveLindfield Juniors67.17
5Hollie HerbertLindfield Juniors57.91
6Holly HerbertLindfield Juniors78.3
7Jess CoxLindfield Juniors48.33
8Zoe FairhallLindfield Juniors128.44
9Millie HerbertLindfield Juniors159
10Kia LayneLindfield Juniors1711.05

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Best economy rate
#PlayerTeamMatchesEconomy rate
1Megan SimsLindfield Juniors112.85
2Millie HerbertLindfield Juniors153.79
3Honey HipgraveLindfield Juniors63.91
4Eva GilbertLindfield Juniors73.93
5Holly HerbertLindfield Juniors74.15
6Jess CoxLindfield Juniors44.17
7Sophie MitchellLindfield Juniors64.5
8Hollie HerbertLindfield Juniors54.83
9Alice LindfieldLindfield Juniors35
=Amber LayneLindfield Juniors35

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Best bowling strike rate
#PlayerTeamMatchesStrike rate
1Sophie MitchellLindfield Juniors66.11
2Chloe ParkerLindfield Juniors68.33
3Zoe FairhallLindfield Juniors1212.5
4Hollie HerbertLindfield Juniors513.09
5Honey HipgraveLindfield Juniors614.67
6Jess CoxLindfield Juniors416
=Holly HerbertLindfield Juniors716
8Kia LayneLindfield Juniors1716.76
9Megan SimsLindfield Juniors1117.33
10Emily FairhallLindfield Juniors619.44

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Fielding statistics

Most catches
1Millie HerbertLindfield Juniors2018
2Alice LindfieldLindfield Juniors811
=Kia LayneLindfield Juniors2011
4Chloe ParkerLindfield Juniors127
5Jess CoxLindfield Juniors46
=Zoe FairhallLindfield Juniors126
7SophieHorsted Keynes Juniors45
=Hollie HerbertLindfield Juniors75
=Amber LayneLindfield Juniors115
=Eva GilbertLindfield Juniors145

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Most catches in an innings

Most run-outs
1Kia LayneLindfield Juniors202
2Hollie HerbertLindfield Juniors71
=Honey HipgraveLindfield Juniors71
=Casey BanfieldLindfield Juniors81
=Georgia WhiteLindfield Juniors101
=Eva GilbertLindfield Juniors141
=Megan SimsLindfield Juniors191
=Millie HerbertLindfield Juniors201

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