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Statistics for Sussex County Stoolball Association Central Division, 2017 season


Batting statistics

Highest individual scores
1Julie GravettLindfieldBalcombe16 May 17141*
2Julie GravettLindfieldPartridge Green25 May 17102
3SharonHorsted KeynesBolney30 May 1799*
4Julie GravettLindfieldBlackstone20 Jun 1788*
5Linda MurrayClayton & DitchlingPartridge Green13 Jun 1782
6Catherine MalinsBolneyHurstpierpoint4 May 1780
7Adele McPheeLindfieldHurstpierpoint29 Jun 1779*
8Grace BullBolneyHorsted Keynes30 May 1777*
9SharonHorsted KeynesBolney18 Jul 1768
10Serena CoombeHurstpierpointBolney4 May 1767

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Most scores of 100 or more

Most scores of 50 or more

Most runs
1Julie GravettLindfield13693
2Grace BullBolney13398
3SharonHorsted Keynes6293
4Linda MurrayClayton & Ditchling7283
5Kirsti ShawClayton & Ditchling12278
6Catherine MalinsBolney12260
7Annabel BlackwoodBolney14257
8Adele McPheeLindfield12237
9Megan BucklandClayton & Ditchling13216
10Becki ClarkeHurstpierpoint6215

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Best batting average
1Julie GravettLindfield1386.63
2SharonHorsted Keynes673.25
3Linda MurrayClayton & Ditchling770.75
4Sue PittClayton & Ditchling553
5SusieHorsted Keynes345.5
6Grace BullBolney1344.22
7Becki ClarkeHurstpierpoint643
8Lisa KingshottLindfield642
10Mandy BrownClayton & Ditchling636.8

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Batting strike rate

Bowling statistics

Best bowling performances
1Julie GravettLindfieldBolney6 Jul 17764
2Jodie BatchelorLindfieldBalcombe8 Jun 17629
3Adele McPheeLindfieldClayton & Ditchling9 May 17639
4Di IrwinClayton & DitchlingPartridge Green29 Jun 17640
5Adele McPheeLindfieldClayton & Ditchling1 Jun 17658
6JodieHorsted KeynesLindfield23 May 176
7Di IrwinClayton & DitchlingBolney8 Jun 17522
8Adele McPheeLindfieldHurstpierpoint29 Jun 17527
9Di IrwinClayton & DitchlingBlackstone6 Jul 17539
=Julie GravettLindfieldPartridge Green22 Jun 17539

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Most wickets
1Adele McPheeLindfield1236
2Di IrwinClayton & Ditchling1130
3Julie GravettLindfield1329
=Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton & Ditchling1329
5Lauren GardinerBolney1322
6Jodie BatchelorLindfield1413
=Tracy MeadenBolney1413
8Sandy WhiteHurstpierpoint512
=ZoeHorsted Keynes512

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Most wickets by a bowling and catching combination

Best bowling average
1Kia LayneLindfield44.5
2Julie GravettLindfield1113.34
3Di IrwinClayton & Ditchling1114.07
4Karen EdwardsBolney614.43
5Adele McPheeLindfield1214.92
6Lisa KingshottLindfield315
7Tracy MeadenBolney1117.08
8Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton & Ditchling1321.59
9Amber LayneLindfield423
10Grace BullBolney923.33

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Best economy rate
#PlayerTeamMatchesEconomy rate
1Kia LayneLindfield44.5
2Abbie BatchelorLindfield44.67
3Amber LayneLindfield45.75
4Lisa KingshottLindfield36
5Di IrwinClayton & Ditchling116.39
6Adele McPheeLindfield126.88
7Tracy MeadenBolney117.16
8Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton & Ditchling137.36
9Lauren GardinerBolney137.43
10Julie GravettLindfield117.44

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Best bowling strike rate
#PlayerTeamMatchesStrike rate
1Kia LayneLindfield49.5
2Karen EdwardsBolney613.86
3Julie GravettLindfield1114.59
4Adele McPheeLindfield1217.42
5Di IrwinClayton & Ditchling1117.6
6Tracy MeadenBolney1119.08
7Cathy ShepherdClayton & Ditchling519.43
8Lisa KingshottLindfield320
9Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton & Ditchling1323.45
10Grace BullBolney924

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Fielding statistics

Most catches
1Louise CooperLindfield1013
2Julie GravettLindfield1311
=Lauren GardinerBolney1311
4Megan BucklandClayton & Ditchling1310
5Cindy LeaneyClayton & Ditchling109
=Tracy MeadenBolney149
7Di IrwinClayton & Ditchling118
8Mandy BrownClayton & Ditchling67
=Claire HaywardLindfield117
=Grace BullBolney137

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Most catches in an innings

Most run-outs
1Julie GravettLindfield136
2Jodie BatchelorLindfield144
3Adele McPheeLindfield122
=Kia LayneLindfield122
=Lauren GardinerBolney132
=Charlotte LewryLindfield21
=ZoeHorsted Keynes51
=Gerry MillerBolney61
=Louise CooperLindfield101
=Abbie BatchelorLindfield131
=Amber LayneLindfield131
=Tracy MeadenBolney141

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All-round performance statistics

Player performances

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