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Player performances for Mandy McGachie

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1—50 of 62 performances
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Mandy McGachieOxshott beat North Holmwood21 Aug 1911*2
Mandy McGachieOxshott lost to Oakwood Hill15 Jul 1957*0/11
Mandy McGachieOxshott lost to Alfold Ladies8 Jul 19350/48
Mandy McGachieDorking beat Oxshott10 Jun 19161/30
Mandy McGachieOxshott lost to Oakwood Hill27 Jun 18120/41
Mandy McGachieDorking beat Oxshott18 Jun 1853*2/50
Mandy McGachieOxshott beat Ewhurst13 Jun 1861*1/313
Mandy McGachieOxshott beat Charlwood11 Jun 1871*2/281
Mandy McGachieCharlwood lost to Oxshott16 May 18170/35
Mandy McGachieOxshott beat North Holmwood9 May 183*0/582
Mandy McGachieOakwood Hill beat Oxshott3 May 18111/19
Mandy McGachieOakwood Hill lost to Oxshott18 Jul 1779*1/241
Mandy McGachieOxshott beat Holmbury St Mary10 Jul 17122/82
Mandy McGachieNorth Holmwood lost to Oxshott29 Jun 172
Mandy McGachieOxshott lost to Oakwood Hill24 May 17180/3321
Mandy McGachieOxshott lost to Ewhurst22 May 17730/391
Mandy McGachieOxshott lost to North Holmwood10 May 17670/401
Mandy McGachieEwhurst lost to Oxshott8 May 1790*0/33
Mandy McGachieOxshott lost to Alfold Ladies27 Jul 16651/26
Mandy McGachieOxshott lost to Alfold Ladies20 Jul 16252/4711
Mandy McGachieOakwood Hill beat Oxshott14 Jul 161/101
Mandy McGachieAlfold Ladies beat Oxshott13 Jul 16302/281
Mandy McGachieOxshott beat Oakwood Hill27 Jun 1628
Mandy McGachieOxshott beat Guildford13 Jun 1640*1
Mandy McGachieHolmbury St Mary lost to Oxshott6 Jun 1656*0/153
Mandy McGachieOxshott beat Holmbury St Mary25 May 16352/91
Mandy McGachieCharlwood lost to Oxshott5 May 1653
Mandy McGachieOxshott beat Holmbury St Mary15 Jul 1551*3/151
Mandy McGachieDorking lost to Oxshott7 Jul 15583/452
Mandy McGachieOxshott beat Alfold Ladies1 Jul 15891/511
Mandy McGachieNorth Holmwood beat Oxshott25 Jun 15100/4221
Mandy McGachieOakwood Hill beat Oxshott23 Jun 15280/212
Mandy McGachieOxshott beat Ewhurst17 Jun 1541*0/2822
Mandy McGachieAlfold Ladies beat Oxshott16 Jun 15450/30
Mandy McGachieEwhurst beat Oxshott10 Jun 15144/22
Mandy McGachieOxshott beat North Holmwood8 Jun 15124*1
Mandy McGachieOxshott lost to Dorking3 Jun 1570*0/14
Mandy McGachieOxshott beat Cranleigh1 Jun 157*0/9
Mandy McGachieOxshott lost to Oakwood Hill20 May 1516
Mandy McGachieHolmbury St Mary beat Oxshott18 May 1500/161
Mandy McGachieOxshott beat Ewhurst29 Apr 1576*0/2713
Mandy McGachieOxshott beat Charlwood Ladies28 Jul 1497*1/52
Mandy McGachieGuildford lost to Oxshott16 Jul 1477*1/21
Mandy McGachieNorth Holmwood beat Oxshott15 Jul 1479*0/53
Mandy McGachieHolmbury St Mary beat Oxshott7 Jul 1411/402
Mandy McGachieOxshott beat South Park Ladies2 Jul 14111*2
Mandy McGachieOakwood Hill beat Oxshott24 Jun 14221/261
Mandy McGachieDorking lost to Oxshott17 Jun 14200/182
Mandy McGachieOxshott lost to Holmbury St Mary11 Jun 1431/23
Mandy McGachieAlfold Ladies beat Oxshott5 Jun 14590/111
1—50 of 62 performances

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