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Player performances for Megan Buckland

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1—50 of 88 performances
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Megan BucklandClayton beat Lindfield3 Jul 1841*2
Megan BucklandClayton beat Hurstpierpoint19 Jun 18272
Megan BucklandLindfield lost to Clayton7 Jun 1813*1
Megan BucklandClayton beat Bolney22 May 1842*1
Megan BucklandHurstpierpoint lost to Clayton17 May 1819*1
Megan BucklandBlackstone beat Clayton18 Jul 172
Megan BucklandClayton lost to Blackstone6 Jul 1734
Megan BucklandPartridge Green lost to Clayton29 Jun 176*1
Megan BucklandBalcombe lost to Clayton22 Jun 17
Megan BucklandHorsted Keynes beat Clayton20 Jun 17251
Megan BucklandClayton lost to Hurstpierpoint15 Jun 170
Megan BucklandClayton beat Partridge Green13 Jun 173/40
Megan BucklandClayton beat Bolney8 Jun 1752
Megan BucklandLindfield lost to Clayton1 Jun 172
Megan BucklandClayton beat Balcombe25 May 17301
Megan BucklandHurstpierpoint beat Clayton23 May 17461
Megan BucklandBolney beat Clayton16 May 17130/32
Megan BucklandClayton beat Horsted Keynes4 May 17372
Megan BucklandAnsty Ladies lost to Clayton23 Jun 16270/18
Megan BucklandBlackstone beat Clayton26 May 1601/38
Megan BucklandClayton lost to Lindfield24 May 160
Megan BucklandClayton lost to Bolney5 May 16300/17
Megan BucklandHorsted Keynes beat Clayton3 May 16291/17
Megan BucklandHurstpierpoint lost to Clayton14 Jul 1534
Megan BucklandBlackstone beat Clayton9 Jul 159
Megan BucklandClayton beat Hurstpierpoint7 Jul 15131/25
Megan BucklandClayton lost to Blackstone2 Jul 159
Megan BucklandBolney beat Clayton25 Jun 15
Megan BucklandAnsty Ladies lost to Clayton23 Jun 1544*1/192
Megan BucklandClayton beat Balcombe16 Jun 1540/141
Megan BucklandClayton beat Ansty Ladies28 May 153/22
Megan BucklandClayton lost to Bolney19 May 152/17
Megan BucklandHorsted Keynes beat Clayton12 May 1546/481
Megan BucklandClayton lost to Partridge Green7 May 1511/26
Megan BucklandPartridge Green beat Clayton24 Jun 1453/13
Megan BucklandClayton lost to Blackstone19 Jun 1412
Megan BucklandClayton beat Balcombe17 Jun 142/171
Megan BucklandClayton beat Hurstpierpoint12 Jun 1418*1/11
Megan BucklandHorsted Keynes beat Clayton10 Jun 1480/291
Megan BucklandLindfield beat Clayton5 Jun 14170/181
Megan BucklandClayton beat Bolney3 Jun 1424*2/281
Megan BucklandClayton beat Partridge Green29 May 1414*0/193
Megan BucklandBalcombe lost to Clayton22 May 1426*0/102
Megan BucklandBlackstone beat Clayton20 May 1411
Megan BucklandClayton beat Horsted Keynes15 May 149*0/221
Megan BucklandHurstpierpoint beat Clayton13 May 142/36
Megan BucklandHorsted Keynes beat Clayton15 Jul 13271/341
Megan BucklandClayton lost to Bolney11 Jul 1361/52
Megan BucklandClayton lost to Partridge Green9 Jul 130/111
Megan BucklandBolney beat Clayton4 Jul 1340/13
1—50 of 88 performances

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