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Player performances for Shelley Croydon-Elkins

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1—50 of 87 performances
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Shelley Croydon-ElkinsBolney beat Clayton & Ditchling27 Jun 195*4/621
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton & Ditchling lost to Lindfield20 Jun 1911/56
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton & Ditchling lost to Horsted Keynes13 Jun 19130/40
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsPartridge Green lost to Clayton & Ditchling11 Jun 19111/16
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton & Ditchling lost to Hurstpierpoint6 Jun 19101/50
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton & Ditchling tied with Bolney21 May 1914/58
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton & Ditchling lost to Blackstone16 May 1932/59
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsHorsted Keynes lost to Clayton & Ditchling14 May 1911*3/39
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton & Ditchling beat Partridge Green9 May 1973/411
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsHurstpierpoint lost to Clayton & Ditchling7 May 190/311
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton beat Lindfield3 Jul 189
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsBolney beat Clayton21 Jun 1892/
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton beat Hurstpierpoint19 Jun 182*1/30
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton beat Bolney22 May 181/
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsBlackstone beat Clayton18 Jul 1714*0/34
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton lost to Blackstone6 Jul 1723/46
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsPartridge Green lost to Clayton29 Jun 173/31
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsBalcombe lost to Clayton22 Jun 172/431
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsHorsted Keynes beat Clayton20 Jun 1771/52
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton lost to Hurstpierpoint15 Jun 1704/42
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton beat Bolney8 Jun 1724/321
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsLindfield lost to Clayton1 Jun 1784/671
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton beat Balcombe25 May 1723/681
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsHurstpierpoint beat Clayton23 May 1770/481
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsBolney beat Clayton16 May 1750/50
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton lost to Lindfield9 May 1742/46
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton beat Horsted Keynes4 May 1724*3/67
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsAnsty Ladies lost to Clayton23 Jun 16203/30
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsBlackstone beat Clayton26 May 161/731
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton lost to Lindfield24 May 160/27
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton lost to Bolney5 May 1600/52
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsHurstpierpoint lost to Clayton14 Jul 151/66
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsBlackstone beat Clayton9 Jul 1520/76
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton beat Hurstpierpoint7 Jul 151*1/67
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton lost to Blackstone2 Jul 150/50
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton lost to Lindfield30 Jun 1500/43
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsBolney beat Clayton25 Jun 153/70
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsAnsty Ladies lost to Clayton23 Jun 152/2711
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton beat Horsted Keynes18 Jun 151/42
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton beat Balcombe16 Jun 1530/13
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsPartridge Green lost to Clayton9 Jun 1590/251
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsLindfield beat Clayton4 Jun 1510/60
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsBalcombe lost to Clayton21 May 15184/20
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton lost to Bolney19 May 151/51
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsHorsted Keynes beat Clayton12 May 150/6
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton lost to Partridge Green7 May 1533/351
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton lost to Lindfield6 May 1402/7
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton lost to Partridge Green9 Jul 1302/74
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsCrawley Down lost to Clayton2 Jul 131/43
Shelley Croydon-ElkinsBlackstone beat Clayton27 Jun 132/51
1—50 of 87 performances

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