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Player performances for Mandy

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The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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41 performances
Player performances, most recent first
MandyCranleigh beat Beare Green10 Jul101
MandyBeare Green lost to Ewhurst8 Jul18
MandyBeare Green lost to Holmbury St Mary17 Jun171/9
MandyHolmbury St Mary beat Beare Green30 May151
MandyBeare Green lost to Holmbury St Mary18 Jul 18160/10
MandyHolmbury St Mary beat Beare Green16 Jul 1823*
MandyBeare Green beat Holmbury St Mary2 Jul 1818
MandyBeare Green beat Cranleigh11 Jun 1824*
MandyGuildford tied with Beare Green22 May 181
MandyCranleigh lost to Beare Green9 May 180
MandyCranleigh lost to Beare Green18 Apr 1831
MandyCranleigh beat Beare Green6 Jul 1601
MandyBeare Green tied with Cranleigh25 May 1619
MandyBeare Green lost to Ewhurst16 May 1612
MandyGuildford lost to Beare Green21 Jul 1537
MandyBeare Green lost to Charlwood Ladies9 Jul 1520
MandyBeare Green lost to Guildford15 Jun 1529
MandyCranleigh lost to Beare Green10 Jun 159
MandyBeare Green beat Cranleigh8 Jun 1511
MandyCharlwood Ladies lost to Beare Green1 Jun 1511
MandyEwhurst beat Beare Green18 Jun 1491
MandyGuildford beat Beare Green10 Jun 1445
MandyBeare Green beat Wonersh2 Jun 144
MandyBeare Green beat Ewhurst19 May 146
MandyBeare Green beat Guildford12 May 148
MandyBeare Green beat Ewhurst26 Jun 1314
MandyWonersh lost to Beare Green24 Jun 1336
MandyEwhurst lost to Beare Green23 Jun 1340*
MandyBeare Green beat Cranleigh Bees17 Jun 1323
MandyEwhurst beat Beare Green10 Jun 1312*
MandySouth Park Ladies beat Beare Green3 Jun 130
MandyBeare Green beat Brockham7 May 131
MandyCranleigh Bees lost to Beare Green1 May 134
MandyAlfold Ladies beat Beare Green2 Aug 1240/9
MandyBeare Green lost to Holmbury St Mary25 Jun 12171
MandyBeare Green lost to North Holmwood18 Jun 1271
MandyNorth Holmwood beat Beare Green31 May 124
MandyBeare Green lost to Alfold Ladies21 May 127
MandyBeare Green beat Cranleigh Bees13 Jul 1133
MandyBeare Green beat Guildford5 May 116
MandyBeare Green lost to Brockham24 May 1017
41 performances

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