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Player performances for Mandy Brown

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1—50 of 79 performances
Player performances, most recent first
Mandy BrownBolney beat Clayton21 Jun 1811
Mandy BrownClayton beat Hurstpierpoint19 Jun 1877*
Mandy BrownLindfield lost to Clayton7 Jun 18591
Mandy BrownHurstpierpoint lost to Clayton17 May 18761
Mandy BrownClayton lost to Blackstone6 Jul 17181
Mandy BrownPartridge Green lost to Clayton29 Jun 17282
Mandy BrownClayton beat Partridge Green13 Jun 1755*2
Mandy BrownClayton beat Bolney8 Jun 17181
Mandy BrownLindfield lost to Clayton1 Jun 17621
Mandy BrownClayton beat Balcombe25 May 173
Mandy BrownBolney beat Clayton7 Jun 1610
Mandy BrownBlackstone beat Clayton26 May 1659*
Mandy BrownClayton lost to Lindfield24 May 1621
Mandy BrownClayton lost to Bolney5 May 1651
Mandy BrownBolney beat Clayton25 Jun 151
Mandy BrownClayton beat Horsted Keynes18 Jun 1519
Mandy BrownPartridge Green lost to Clayton9 Jun 1535*
Mandy BrownClayton beat Ansty Ladies28 May 153
Mandy BrownBalcombe lost to Clayton21 May 15
Mandy BrownClayton lost to Bolney19 May 15112
Mandy BrownHorsted Keynes beat Clayton12 May 1560*1
Mandy BrownPartridge Green beat Clayton24 Jun 1411
Mandy BrownClayton lost to Blackstone19 Jun 1427
Mandy BrownClayton beat Balcombe17 Jun 14232
Mandy BrownClayton beat Hurstpierpoint12 Jun 1445*1
Mandy BrownHorsted Keynes beat Clayton10 Jun 144
Mandy BrownLindfield beat Clayton5 Jun 1434*1
Mandy BrownClayton beat Partridge Green29 May 141
Mandy BrownBalcombe lost to Clayton22 May 1420
Mandy BrownClayton beat Horsted Keynes15 May 1402
Mandy BrownClayton lost to Lindfield6 May 143
Mandy BrownClayton lost to Bolney11 Jul 130
Mandy BrownClayton lost to Partridge Green9 Jul 1327
Mandy BrownBolney beat Clayton4 Jul 13171
Mandy BrownCrawley Down lost to Clayton2 Jul 13102
Mandy BrownBlackstone beat Clayton27 Jun 1319
Mandy BrownClayton lost to Hurstpierpoint25 Jun 13131
Mandy BrownBalcombe lost to Clayton20 Jun 1312*
Mandy BrownClayton beat Lindfield18 Jun 1302
Mandy BrownClayton beat Horsted Keynes13 Jun 1331
Mandy BrownHurstpierpoint lost to Clayton4 Jun 1328*
Mandy BrownClayton beat Crawley Down23 May 1343*1
Mandy BrownPartridge Green beat Clayton16 May 131
Mandy BrownLindfield lost to Clayton9 May 13171
Mandy BrownClayton lost to Partridge Green3 Jul 1247
Mandy BrownHurstpierpoint beat Clayton28 Jun 122*
Mandy BrownHorsted Keynes beat Clayton19 Jun 121*
Mandy BrownClayton beat Bolney7 Jun 124
Mandy BrownClayton lost to Crawley Down31 May 1232
Mandy BrownClayton lost to Lindfield29 May 1202
1—50 of 79 performances

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