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Most run-outs

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This measures the number of run-outs completed by a fielder, not how often a batsman has been run-out.

The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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Most run-outs
1Sally BookerBroadbridge Heath11738
=Helen BryceAlfold Ladies12438
3Sean PowerOwen Williams9529
4Emma StantonBidborough Ladies10426
5Michelle TaylorOwen Williams7525
6Paula PetersBarcombe Ladies6722
=Julia GroutAlfold Ladies12322
8Emma WatermanChiddingly7021
9Mandy McGachieOxshott6218
=Jodie BatchelorLindfield6418
11Lissie HurstCharlwood5317
=Doug BurgessOwen Williams7517
=Ruth ArthurBroadbridge Heath9317
14Paula BakerBroadbridge Heath4716
16Rob WellerBrook Street6015
=Karen BEwhurst8713
=Emma HaleyBroadbridge Heath11013
20TaraBeare Green5312
=Andrea BarnettAlfold Ladies7212
=Amanda RidleyBarcombe Ladies7512
=Lucy UnclesEast Preston9712
=CarolineOakwood Hill5211
=Julie GravettLindfield5911
=Emma RoddCharlwood6411
=Jude TurnerDorking6811
=Lauren GardinerBolney6811
=Leah HeadBroadbridge Heath10111
31Jenn BrownOakwood Hill4010
=SarahOakwood Hill6910
=Jenny GroutAlfold Ladies13210
=Claire HawkinsEast Preston17510
36Rebecca HardieCharlwood429
=Holly WellerBrook Street519
=Georgie HarrisonDitchling689
=Angharad HillsBarcombe Ladies739
=SaraHolmbury St Mary759
=Melanie ChilesCharlwood989
=Karen DunnNorth Holmwood1159
44Freya BellBroadbridge Heath118
=James GardinerTip4Six138
=Beth PowerOwen Williams458
=Roberta BriantSevenoaks Weald518
=Megan Bruce SmytheAshurst and Blackham Ladies538
=Debbie CollierCharlwood568
1—50 of 913 players
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