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Highest individual scores for Broadbridge Heath

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The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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1—50 of 914 innings
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Highest individual scores
1Becky LemmensBroadbridge HeathPulborough19 Aug 19114*
2Becky LemmensBroadbridge HeathAmberley24 Jun 19102
3Beckie MabbuttBroadbridge HeathRoffey29 Jul 1398
4Becky LemmensBroadbridge HeathEast Preston23 Jul 1897*
=Ruth ArthurBroadbridge HeathSouthwater3 Jun 1597*
6Beckie MabbuttBroadbridge HeathAldingbourne Ladies21 Jul 1496
7Leah HeadBroadbridge HeathBurpham12 Jun 1795
8Becky LemmensBroadbridge HeathPulborough18 Jun 1893*
=Beckie MabbuttBroadbridge HeathBurpham16 May 1693*
10Becky LemmensBroadbridge HeathAldingbourne Ladies17 Jun 1990
11Becky LemmensBroadbridge HeathAldingbourne Ladies21 May 1889*
12Beckie MabbuttBroadbridge HeathBurpham30 Jun 1487
13Becky LemmensBroadbridge HeathBarns Green1 Jul 1984
14Becky LemmensBroadbridge HeathBurpham20 May 1983
=Beckie MabbuttBroadbridge HeathPulborough14 Jul 1483
16Beckie MabbuttBroadbridge HeathBarns Green4 Aug 1479
17Leah HeadBroadbridge HeathSteyning and District8 May 1778*
18Becky LemmensBroadbridge HeathSteyning and District22 Jul 1978
19Becky LemmensBroadbridge HeathAldingbourne Ladies16 Jul 1875*
20Ruth ArthurBroadbridge HeathBarns Green20 Aug 1373
=Leah HeadBroadbridge HeathSteyning and District30 Jul 1473
22Becky LemmensBroadbridge HeathPulborough6 Aug 1872
23Leah HeadBroadbridge HeathBurpham17 Jul 1771*
24Ruth ArthurBroadbridge HeathEast Preston23 Jul 1871
=Ruth ArthurBroadbridge HeathPulborough13 Jul 1571
26Ruth ArthurBroadbridge HeathBarns Green3 Aug 1570*
27Emily VowelsBroadbridge HeathBarns Green29 Apr 1970
=Ruth ArthurBroadbridge HeathAldingbourne Ladies26 Jun 1770
=Becky LemmensBroadbridge HeathBarns Green25 Jun 1870
30Beckie MabbuttBroadbridge HeathBurpham6 May 1467*
31Beckie MabbuttBroadbridge HeathSouthwater7 Jul 1467
32Ruth ArthurBroadbridge HeathAmberley17 Aug 1566*
33Leah HeadBroadbridge HeathRoffey22 Apr 1365
34Ruth ArthurBroadbridge HeathAmberley19 Jun 1763*
35Ruth ArthurBroadbridge HeathBurpham12 Jun 1763
36Ruth ArthurBroadbridge HeathPulborough18 Jun 1861*
37Leah HeadBroadbridge HeathBarns Green20 Aug 1360*
38Leah HeadBroadbridge HeathBarns Green4 Aug 1460
=Ruth ArthurBroadbridge HeathEast Preston3 Jul 1760
40Ruth ArthurBroadbridge HeathAmberley10 Aug 1558*
41Leanne LambBroadbridge HeathAmberley1 Aug 1657
=Beckie MabbuttBroadbridge HeathBurpham7 May 1357
43Isla HeadBroadbridge HeathEast Preston13 May 1956*
44Becky LemmensBroadbridge HeathSteyning and District2 Jul 1856
=Caroline BellBroadbridge HeathSteyning and District22 Jun 1556
46Charlotte BellBroadbridge HeathPulborough10 Jul 1755*
=Isla HeadBroadbridge HeathBarns Green1 Jul 1955*
48Charlotte BellBroadbridge HeathBarns Green31 Jul 1754*
=Paula BakerBroadbridge HeathSouthwater8 Jul 1354*
50Leah HeadBroadbridge HeathEast Preston6 Jun 1654
1—50 of 914 innings
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