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Highest individual scores for Alison Yaafe

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The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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1—50 of 117 innings
Highest individual scores
1Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedThe Plums16 Jun 09108*
2Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedYew Tree27 Aug 1392
3Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedNutley Mixed9 Aug 1189*
4Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedNutley Mixed9 Jul 1382*
5Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedThe Plums22 Jul 0865
6Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedNutley Mixed17 Jun 1464*46
7Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedEast Hoathly and Halland25 Jun 135620
8Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedThe Plums8 May 0753
9Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedBrook Street14 Jun 0752*
10Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedNewick Mixed30 May 1751*28
11Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedNewick Mixed19 Jun 1850*
=Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedNewick Mixed10 May 1850*
=Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedNutley Mixed1 Aug 1750*24
14Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedBrook Street5 Aug 0848*
15Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedCowfold Bulls11 Jun 1347
=Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedNutley Mixed19 May 0947
=Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedNewick Mixed20 Jun 174730
18Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedEast Hoathly and Halland7 May 1346*
19Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedTip & Mix24 Aug 1745*21
20Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedEast Hoathly and Halland27 May 144529
21Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedEast Hoathly and Halland25 May 1043*
22Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedEducation12 Jun 1442*
=Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedOwen Williams23 Jul 1542*
24Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedNew School Ninjas20 Jul 1741*
=Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedOwen Williams19 May 1641*
=Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedOwen Williams13 Jul 1741*
27Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedTip4Six7 Jul 1640*26
=Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedM&R18 Jun 1540*20
=Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedEducation8 Jun 1740*
=Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedNew School Ninjas1 Jun 1740*
31Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedBrook Street26 May 0940
32Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedNutley Mixed8 Jul 0839
33Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedBrook Street5 Jun 1838
=Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedCowfold Bulls16 Jul 1338
35Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedBurgess Hill15 Jun 1036
=Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedNewick Mixed21 Jun 1636
=Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedNewick Mixed5 Jul 163619
38Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedNutley Mixed4 May 1035
=Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedCowfold Bulls7 Jun 1135
40Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedM&M4 Jun 1534
41Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedUckfield Mixed10 Jul 0733
=Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedWoodmancote24 May 1133
=Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedBrook Street15 Jun 1733
44Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedBrook Street10 May31
45Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedBrook Street28 May 1329
=Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedWoodmancote10 May 1129
47Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedEast Hoathly and Halland1 Jul 1428
48Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedThe Plums14 Jul 1127
49Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedHildenborough Mixed4 Aug 0526
=Alison YaafeMaresfield MixedNutley Mixed23 Jun 0926
1—50 of 117 innings

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