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Highest individual scores for Shaf Philpot

The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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1—50 of 83 innings
Highest individual scores
1Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesSpeldhurst12 Jul 1776
2Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesGroombridge Ladies28 Jul 1474
3Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesHildenborough Ladies6 Jun 1664*
4Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesStonewall Park3 Jun 1552
5Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesSevenoaks Weald16 May 1849
6Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesAshurst and Blackham Ladies4 Jul 1843
7Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesLangton Green25 Jul 1841
8Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesSevenoaks Weald27 Jun 1838
9Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesHildenborough Ladies12 Aug 2036*
10Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesStonewall Park17 Aug 2036
11Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesFordcombe Ladies31 Jul 1933
=Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesSpeldhurst10 Aug 2033
13Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesPenshurst Ladies27 Jun 1632*
14Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesFour Elms24 Jun 1530
15Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesCauseway Ladies6 Jul 1628
=Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesLangton Green11 Jun 1428
17Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesLangton Green4 May 1626
18Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesSpeldhurst2 Jul 1425*
19Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesPenshurst Ladies7 Aug 1725
=Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesLangton Green8 May 1925
21Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesAshurst and Blackham Ladies8 Jun 1624
=Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesSevenoaks Weald27 Jul 1624
23Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesStonewall Park3 Aug 1621
=Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesHildenborough Ladies10 May 1721
25Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesAshurst and Blackham Ladies3 May 1720
=Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesStonewall Park4 Aug 1420
27Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesHildenborough Ladies21 Jun 1719
=Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesSevenoaks Weald22 Jun 1619
29Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesStonewall Park13 Jul 1518
30Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesFordcombe Ladies5 Jul 1717
31Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesAshurst and Blackham Ladies10 Jul 1916
=Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesHildenborough Ladies22 May 1916
=Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesAshurst and Blackham Ladies23 May 1816
34Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesBidborough Ladies22 Jun 1515
=Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesPenshurst Ladies15 May 1915
36Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesCauseway Ladies3 Aug 2014
37Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesPenshurst Ladies20 Jun 1813*
38Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesPenshurst Ladies9 May 1813
39Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesSpeldhurst22 Jul 1912
=Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesCauseway Ladies15 Jul 1512
41Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesSevenoaks Weald20 Jul 2011
42Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesStonewall Park17 Jul 1910
=Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesCauseway Ladies25 May 1610
44Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesPenshurst Ladies1 Jul 158
=Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesFordcombe Ladies6 Jul 158
=Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesAshurst and Blackham Ladies29 Jul 208
=Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesHildenborough Ladies30 Jul 188
48Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesFour Elms4 Jul 167
=Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesCauseway Ladies9 Jun 147
=Shaf PhilpotLeigh LadiesFordcombe Ladies6 Jun 187
1—50 of 83 innings

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