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Highest individual scores for Hannah Tomlinson

The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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1—50 of 222 innings
Highest individual scores
1Hannah TomlinsonBurphamPagham25 Jul 18134*
2Hannah TomlinsonBurphamArundel Stoolball Club4 Jul 18103*
3Hannah TomlinsonBurphamBarns Green8 Jun 15100*
4Hannah TomlinsonBurphamAldingbourne Ladies2 Jul 1897*
5Hannah TomlinsonBurphamSouthwater24 Jun 1396*
6Hannah TomlinsonBurphamPagham25 May 1693*
7Hannah TomlinsonBurphamSteyning and District14 Jul 1491*
8Hannah TomlinsonBurphamAldingbourne Ladies20 Jun 1891
9Hannah TomlinsonBurphamPulborough28 Jul 1487*
10Hannah TomlinsonBurphamSlindon24 Jul 1986
11Hannah TomlinsonBurphamArundel Stoolball Club21 Aug 1982*
12Hannah TomlinsonBurphamSteyning and District23 Jul 1882
13Hannah TomlinsonBurphamBroadbridge Heath12 Jun 1777*
14Hannah TomlinsonBurphamWorthing and Ferring Ladies24 Jun 1574*
15Hannah TomlinsonBurphamBroadbridge Heath30 Jun 1473*
16Hannah TomlinsonBurphamPagham31 Jul 1972
17Hannah TomlinsonBurphamPulborough25 Jun 1871*
=Hannah TomlinsonBurphamArundel Stoolball Club14 Jun 1771*
19Hannah TomlinsonBurphamWorthing and Ferring Ladies8 Jun 1669*
20Hannah TomlinsonBurphamGoring Ladies20 Jul 1669
21Hannah TomlinsonBurphamSouthwater13 May 1365*
=Hannah TomlinsonBurphamBarns Green21 May 1865*
=Hannah TomlinsonBurphamPagham27 Jul 1665*
24Hannah TomlinsonBurphamRoffey22 Jul 1365
25Hannah TomlinsonBurphamWorthing and Ferring Ladies1 May 1964*
26Hannah TomlinsonBurphamSouthwater23 Jun 1463
27Hannah TomlinsonBurphamMiddleton Ladies25 Jun 1462*
28Hannah TomlinsonBurphamSlindon9 May 1861*
29Hannah TomlinsonBurphamSteyning and District8 Aug 1661
30Hannah TomlinsonBurphamSteyning and District4 Jun 1860*
=Hannah TomlinsonBurphamMiddleton Ladies17 Jun 1560*
32Hannah TomlinsonBurphamSlindon27 Jun 1860
=Hannah TomlinsonBurphamAmberley7 Jul 1460
34Hannah TomlinsonBurphamSouthwater11 May 1559*
35Hannah TomlinsonBurphamBroadbridge Heath6 May 1458*
=Hannah TomlinsonBurphamMiddleton Ladies19 Apr 1758*
37Hannah TomlinsonBurphamAmberley8 Jul 1358
38Hannah TomlinsonBurphamBroadbridge Heath29 Jun 1557
=Hannah TomlinsonBurphamSteyning and District8 Jul 1957
40Hannah TomlinsonBurphamEast Preston10 Jul 1756*
=Hannah TomlinsonBurphamWorthing and Ferring Ladies15 Aug 1856*
=Hannah TomlinsonBurphamPagham3 May 1756*
43Hannah TomlinsonBurphamEast Preston13 Apr 1556
44Hannah TomlinsonBurphamEast Preston1 Jun 1655*
=Hannah TomlinsonBurphamAldingbourne Ladies6 Jul 1655*
46Hannah TomlinsonBurphamEast Preston25 Jul 1155
=Hannah TomlinsonBurphamEast Preston10 Jul 1355
48Hannah TomlinsonBurphamMiddleton Ladies22 Jul 1554*
49Hannah TomlinsonBurphamSteyning and District20 Jun 1654
50Hannah TomlinsonBurphamArundel Stoolball Club15 May 1953*
1—50 of 222 innings

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