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Highest individual scores for Ginette Hobbs

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1—50 of 57 innings
Highest individual scores
1Ginette HobbsEast PrestonBurpham6 Aug 1289
2Ginette HobbsEast PrestonWorthing and Ferring Ladies10 Jul 1974*
3Ginette HobbsEast PrestonSouthwater3 Jun 1367*
4Ginette HobbsEast PrestonPulborough8 Jun 1557*
5Ginette HobbsEast PrestonBurpham10 Jul 1751*
6Ginette HobbsEast PrestonAmberley23 May 1645*
7Ginette HobbsEast PrestonBroadbridge Heath16 Jun 1445
8Ginette HobbsEast PrestonBurpham15 Apr 1343*
=Ginette HobbsEast PrestonBurpham13 Apr 1543*
10Ginette HobbsEast PrestonAmberley15 Jul 1340*
11Ginette HobbsEast PrestonBroadbridge Heath20 May 1340
12Ginette HobbsEast PrestonBroadbridge Heath3 Jul 1739
13Ginette HobbsEast PrestonBurpham27 Jun 1635*
14Ginette HobbsEast PrestonBurpham29 Apr 1932*
15Ginette HobbsEast PrestonAldingbourne Ladies22 Apr 1331*
=Ginette HobbsEast PrestonMiddleton Ladies20 Jun 1231*
17Ginette HobbsEast PrestonAldingbourne Ladies3 Jun 1931
18Ginette HobbsEast PrestonRoffey23 May 1130*
19Ginette HobbsEast PrestonRoffey25 Jun 1230
=Ginette HobbsEast PrestonBroadbridge Heath15 Jun 1530
21Ginette HobbsEast PrestonAldingbourne Ladies13 Jun 1628
22Ginette HobbsEast PrestonBroadbridge Heath17 Jun 1325
23Ginette HobbsEast PrestonSteyning and District9 May 1624
24Ginette HobbsEast PrestonArundel Stoolball Club29 Aug 1723*
=Ginette HobbsEast PrestonMiddleton Ladies30 Aug 1623*
26Ginette HobbsEast PrestonAldingbourne Ladies16 May 1122*
27Ginette HobbsEast PrestonSlindon13 Jun 1221
28Ginette HobbsEast PrestonBroadbridge Heath18 Jun 1220
29Ginette HobbsEast PrestonAldingbourne Ladies22 Jul 1919
=Ginette HobbsEast PrestonAldingbourne Ladies24 Apr 1719
31Ginette HobbsEast PrestonSouthwater23 Jul 1217
=Ginette HobbsEast PrestonAldingbourne Ladies30 Jul 1217
33Ginette HobbsEast PrestonAldingbourne Ladies29 Jul 1316
34Ginette HobbsEast PrestonBurpham10 Jul 1314
35Ginette HobbsEast PrestonSteyning and District27 Jun 1111*
36Ginette HobbsEast PrestonAldingbourne Ladies1 Jul 1511
37Ginette HobbsEast PrestonBurpham9 Jul 188
=Ginette HobbsEast PrestonSouthwater2 Jun 148
39Ginette HobbsEast PrestonBurpham5 Aug 137*
40Ginette HobbsEast PrestonAmberley8 May 177
=Ginette HobbsEast PrestonSteyning and District19 Jun 177
42Ginette HobbsEast PrestonBurpham4 Jun 146*
43Ginette HobbsEast PrestonBurpham16 Apr 126
=Ginette HobbsEast PrestonSteyning and District29 Jun 156
45Ginette HobbsEast PrestonWorthing and Ferring Ladies16 May 125*
46Ginette HobbsEast PrestonSteyning and District1 Jul 135
=Ginette HobbsEast PrestonAldingbourne Ladies30 Jul 185
48Ginette HobbsEast PrestonAldingbourne Ladies28 Jul 144
49Ginette HobbsEast PrestonBurpham4 Aug 143
=Ginette HobbsEast PrestonAldingbourne Ladies20 Aug 123
1—50 of 57 innings

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