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Highest individual scores for Tina Martin

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The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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1—50 of 59 innings
Highest individual scores
1Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesBurpham18 Jul 1628
2Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesEast Preston29 Jul 1326*
3Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesSlindon23 May 1819*
4Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesBurpham15 Jul 1518
5Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesEast Preston14 May 1416
6Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesBarns Green30 Jun 1415
7Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesEast Preston31 Aug 1614
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesMiddleton Ladies21 May 1414
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesEast Preston31 Aug 1614
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesMiddleton Ladies8 May 1314
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesSlindon20 Apr 1614
12Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesEast Preston1 Jul 1513*
13Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesBarns Green5 May 1512*
14Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesEast Preston27 Jul 1512
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesArundel Stoolball Club27 Jun 1812
16Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesEast Preston13 Jun 1611*
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesMiddleton Ladies15 Jun 1611*
18Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesBurpham2 Jul 1810*
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesBroadbridge Heath27 Jun 1610*
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesSteyning and District8 Jul 1310*
21Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesSteyning and District29 Apr 1910
22Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesGoring Ladies22 May 139
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesAmberley10 Jul 179
24Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesBroadbridge Heath2 Jun 148*
25Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesBurpham27 May 158
26Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesAmberley13 Jun 117*
27Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesGoring Ladies17 Jun 156*
28Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesSteyning and District6 Jun 166
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesBroadbridge Heath26 Jun 176
30Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesMiddleton Ladies16 Aug 175*
31Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesBarns Green20 May 195
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesSlindon15 May 135
33Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesBurpham20 Jun 184*
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesWorthing and Ferring Ladies1 May 134*
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesSlindon30 Apr 144*
36Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesMiddleton Ladies10 Jun 154
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesPagham10 Jul 194
38Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesBurpham16 Jun 143
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesEast Preston25 May 163
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesSteyning and District25 Jun 183
41Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesSlindon8 May 192
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesBurpham19 May 142
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesWorthing and Ferring Ladies19 Jun 132
44Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesPagham24 Jun 151*
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesBurpham2 May 181*
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesMiddleton Ladies18 Apr 181*
47Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesBurpham29 Jul 191
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesBurpham24 Jul 131
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesAmberley15 Apr 131
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesWorthing and Ferring Ladies21 Aug 191
1—50 of 59 innings

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