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Highest individual scores for Mandy

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The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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39 innings
Highest individual scores
1MandyBeare GreenGuildford10 Jun 1445
2MandyBeare GreenEwhurst23 Jun 1340*
3MandyBeare GreenGuildford21 Jul 1537
4MandyBeare GreenWonersh24 Jun 1336
5MandyBeare GreenCranleigh13 Jul 1133
6MandyBeare GreenCranleigh18 Apr 1831
7MandyBeare GreenGuildford15 Jun 1529
8MandyBeare GreenCranleigh11 Jun 1824*
9MandyBeare GreenHolmbury St Mary16 Jul 1823*20
10MandyBeare GreenCranleigh17 Jun 1323
11MandyBeare GreenCharlwood9 Jul 1520
12MandyBeare GreenCranleigh25 May 161923
13MandyBeare GreenEwhurst8 Jul18
=MandyBeare GreenHolmbury St Mary2 Jul 181816
15MandyBeare GreenBrockham24 May 1017
=MandyBeare GreenHolmbury St Mary25 Jun 1217
=MandyBeare GreenHolmbury St Mary17 Jun1711
18MandyBeare GreenHolmbury St Mary18 Jul 181611
19MandyBeare GreenHolmbury St Mary30 May1512
20MandyBeare GreenEwhurst26 Jun 1314
21MandyBeare GreenEwhurst10 Jun 1312*
22MandyBeare GreenEwhurst16 May 16128
23MandyBeare GreenCranleigh10 Jul1012
24MandyBeare GreenCranleigh10 Jun 159
=MandyBeare GreenEwhurst18 Jun 149
26MandyBeare GreenGuildford12 May 148
27MandyBeare GreenNorth Holmwood18 Jun 127
=MandyBeare GreenAlfold Ladies21 May 127
29MandyBeare GreenGuildford5 May 116
=MandyBeare GreenEwhurst19 May 146
31MandyBeare GreenAlfold Ladies2 Aug 124
=MandyBeare GreenNorth Holmwood31 May 124
=MandyBeare GreenWonersh2 Jun 144
=MandyBeare GreenCranleigh1 May 134
35MandyBeare GreenCranleigh8 Jun 151
=MandyBeare GreenCharlwood1 Jun 151
37MandyBeare GreenSouth Park Ladies3 Jun 130
=MandyBeare GreenCranleigh6 Jul 1601
=MandyBeare GreenCranleigh9 May 1801
39 innings

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