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Highest individual scores for Michelle Taylor

The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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1—50 of 75 innings
Highest individual scores
1Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsNew School Ninjas2 Aug 1242*
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsGreen Flash4 Jun 0942*
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsLooney DC13 May 1042*
4Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsM&R30 Jun 1641*
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsT&E16 May 1341*
6Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsTip & Mix6 Jul 1740*
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsAmey10 Jun 1040*
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsNew School Ninjas22 Jun 1740*
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsM&M9 Jun 1640*
10Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsAmey4 Aug 1139*
11Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsGreen Flash30 Jul 0939
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsTip & Mix24 Aug 1739
13Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsTip4Six3 Jul 1437
14Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsThe Over-archers25 Jun 1536
15Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsM&R19 Jun 1435
16Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsTip4Six13 Jun 1334
17Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsT&E19 May 1133
18Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsMaresfield Mixed25 May 1732
19Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsIt's All Balls23 Jun 1130*
20Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsASC23 Jul 0929
21Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsM&M5 Jul 1826
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsM&M5 Jul 1826
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsT&E11 Jul 1326
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsT&E18 Jun 0926
25Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsT&E14 Jul 1123*
26Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsEducation28 Jul 1123
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsMaresfield Mixed13 Jul 1723
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsM&M6 Jun 1323
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsEducation16 Jul 0923
30Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsNew School Ninjas17 Jul 1422
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsEducation23 Aug 1222
32Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsCooksbridge7 Jun 1818
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsM&M20 Jul 1718
34Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsGreen Flash5 Aug 1017
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsNew School Ninjas15 Aug 1917
36Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsBarely Legal21 Jun 1215
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsEducation1 Aug 1315
38Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsNew School Ninjas17 May 1214
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsHamsey8 Jun 1714
40Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsM&M10 May 1812
41Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsT&E29 Jul 1011
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsEducation15 Jun 1711
43Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsT&E24 May 1210
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsMaresfield Mixed23 Jul 1510
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsAmey6 Aug 0910
46Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsCooksbridge26 Jul 189
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsNew School Ninjas9 May 139
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsM&M15 Aug 139
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsEducation21 Jul 169
=Michelle TaylorOwen WilliamsTip4Six8 Jul 109
1—50 of 75 innings

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