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Highest individual scores for Rubi Batton

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The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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41 innings
Highest individual scores
1Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesGlynde Butterflies14 Jun 1844*
2Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesGlynde Butterflies13 Jun 1943
3Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesBuxted Park27 Jul 1739*
4Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesIsfield3 May 1836*
5Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesChiddingly20 Jun 1931
6Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesChiddingly17 May 1830*
7Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesChiddingly14 May 1928
8Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesDitchling1 Jun 172420
9Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesRingmer Ladies22 May 1823*
10Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesAdastra Ladies16 May 1918*
11Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesRingmer Ladies5 Jul 1816*
12Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesAdastra Ladies19 Jul 1814*
13Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesRingmer Ladies10 Aug 1714
14Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesRingmer Ladies2 May 1913
15Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesPlumpton19 Jul 1611
16Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesRingmer Ladies10 May 1610*
=Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesChiddingly26 Jun 1810*
=Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesIsfield21 Jun 1610*
19Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesPlumpton18 Jun 1910
=Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesIsfield16 May 1710
=Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesBuxted Park2 Aug 1610
22Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesLaughton Ladies26 Jul 179*
23Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesBuxted Park23 May 199
=Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesPlumpton20 Jun 179
25Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesPlumpton19 Jun 188
26Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesAdastra Ladies1 May 187
27Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesChiddingly14 Jun 165*
28Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesIsfield15 Jun 175
=Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesRingmer Ladies11 Jun 195
30Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesGlynde Butterflies8 May 183*
31Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesAdastra Ladies9 May 173
=Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesWivelsfield7 Jun 163
=Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesDitchling5 Jul 163
34Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesDitchling10 May 182*
35Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesWivelsfield23 May 171*
36Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesIsfield23 Jul 191
=Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesIsfield11 Jul 191
=Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesRingmer Ladies7 Jul 161
39Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesRingmer Ladies13 Jun 170*
40Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesAdastra Ladies14 Jul 160
=Rubi BattonBarcombe LadiesChiddingly8 Jun 170
41 innings

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