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Highest individual scores for Holly Bennett

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45 innings
Highest individual scores
1Holly BennettIsfieldLaughton Ladies14 Jun 18165*
2Holly BennettIsfieldDitchling22 May 18140*
3Holly BennettIsfieldChiddingly12 Jul 18119*
4Holly BennettIsfieldAdastra Ladies26 Jul 18117*
5Holly BennettIsfieldWivelsfield2 Jul 19104*
6Holly BennettIsfieldRingmer Ladies9 Jul 19102*
7Holly BennettIsfieldBarcombe Ladies16 May 1788*
8Holly BennettIsfieldRingmer Ladies21 Jun 1886
9Holly BennettIsfieldChiddingly24 Jul 1880*
10Holly BennettIsfieldBuxted Park22 Jun 1776*
11Holly BennettIsfieldChiddingly18 Jul 1975*
12Holly BennettIsfieldGlynde Butterflies18 Jul 1773*
=Holly BennettIsfieldAdastra Ladies13 Jul 1773*
=Holly BennettIsfieldDitchling27 Jul 1773*
15Holly BennettIsfieldRingmer Ladies15 May 1866*
16Holly BennettIsfieldGlynde Butterflies1 Jun 1765*
17Holly BennettIsfieldBuxted Park10 Jul 1863*
18Holly BennettIsfieldAdastra Ladies20 Jun 1960*
=Holly BennettIsfieldGlynde Butterflies17 May 1860*
20Holly BennettIsfieldPlumpton25 Jun 1959*
21Holly BennettIsfieldChiddingly18 Jun 1958*
22Holly BennettIsfieldBarcombe Ladies3 Jul 1858
23Holly BennettIsfieldAdastra Ladies6 Jun 1757
24Holly BennettIsfieldBarcombe Ladies15 Jun 1756*
25Holly BennettIsfieldDitchling6 Jul 1755
26Holly BennettIsfieldChiddingly25 Jul 1748*
27Holly BennettIsfieldBarcombe Ladies23 Jul 1944
28Holly BennettIsfieldAdastra Ladies5 Jul 1641
=Holly BennettIsfieldPlumpton7 Jun 1841
30Holly BennettIsfieldBuxted Park6 Jun 1939*
31Holly BennettIsfieldLaughton Ladies13 Jun 1936*
=Holly BennettIsfieldLaughton Ladies13 Jun 1936*
33Holly BennettIsfieldPlumpton25 May 1725
=Holly BennettIsfieldAdastra Ladies14 Jun 1625
35Holly BennettIsfieldGlynde Butterflies7 Jun 1621
36Holly BennettIsfieldGlynde Butterflies31 May 1619*
37Holly BennettIsfieldRingmer Ladies20 Jun 1715
38Holly BennettIsfieldPlumpton4 Jul 1714
39Holly BennettIsfieldRingmer Ladies20 Jul 1710
=Holly BennettIsfieldWivelsfield5 Jun 1810
41Holly BennettIsfieldRingmer Ladies9 Jun 168
42Holly BennettIsfieldDitchling24 May 166
43Holly BennettIsfieldPlumpton28 Jun 185
44Holly BennettIsfieldBarcombe Ladies26 May 161
45Holly BennettIsfieldBarcombe Ladies21 Jun 160
45 innings

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