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Economy rates

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A bowler's economy rate measures how many runs he or she typically concedes in each over. Lower numbers are better. We only include people who have bowled in at least three matches.

The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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Economy rates
#PlayerTeamMatchesEconomy rate
1Emily ChapmanNewick Ladies52.6
2Megan SimsLindfield Juniors112.85
3Amanda CurryStoolball England President's XI62.9
4Millie HerbertLindfield Juniors153.79
5Honey HipgraveLindfield Juniors63.91
6Eva GilbertLindfield Juniors73.93
=Liz SymonsBarcombe Ladies73.93
8Zeba GhorishiEast Preston34
=Hannah SnowdenStedham44
10Amanda CurryWinterfold134.11
11Holly HerbertLindfield Juniors74.15
12Jess CoxLindfield Juniors44.17
14GlenBrightling Mixed34.33
=Jodie LarganStedham54.33
16Clair HarrisonStedham34.5
=SmedleyThe Plums34.5
=Sophie MitchellLindfield Juniors64.5
19CaleyThe Plums34.67
=Chloe BlundenAshurst and Blackham Ladies34.67
21KirstyOakwood Hill34.75
=Sarah OttwayCauseway Ladies54.75
23Hollie HerbertLindfield Juniors54.83
24Alicia BrownClayton & Ditchling54.9
25Alice LindfieldLindfield Juniors35
=Amber LayneLindfield Juniors35
=Rick MasonLewes Arms35
=SarahBrightling Mixed35
=Sarah OramStoolball England President's XI45
=Emma BaigentStedham55
31Suzanne CooperSpeldhurst25.06
32Julie HoughtonBolney45.14
33Kia LayneLindfield65.18
34Anne Marie PhilpotsBidborough Ladies55.22
35Debbie HobbsEast Preston85.25
36Bethany BrackpoolFour Elms65.27
=Kia LayneLindfield Juniors175.27
38Sue CableStoolball England President's XI45.29
39Chris ThompsonWoolpack45.33
40Mim Christian-WellsBarcombe Ladies175.35
41Jazz LewisChiddingly65.4
42Sue TargettStoolball England Chairman's XI65.45
43Sarah OramStoolball England Chairman's XI45.5
44Kathi LockEast Preston265.53
=Zoe FairhallLindfield Juniors125.53
46AmandaForest Green125.58
47Philip GibbsWoolpack45.6
=Sarah HumphreysPenshurst Ladies55.6
=Abbie BatchelorLindfield65.6
50Izzie JamesCauseway Ladies75.64
1—50 of 2029 players
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