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Catches by Becky French

The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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27 catches
Catches, most recent first
PlayerMatchWhenHow outBowlerRuns
Lauren KeenLeigh Ladies lost to Penshurst Ladies22 Julcaught and bowledBecky French3
Lucy OrderFordcombe Ladies beat Penshurst Ladies20 JulcaughtBethany Makepeace73
Tracy StanleyPenshurst Ladies lost to Causeway Ladies24 Jul 19caughtToni French5
Abi MiddletonPenshurst Ladies lost to Stonewall Park22 Jul 19caught and bowledBecky French38
Leah BouseBidborough Ladies beat Penshurst Ladies13 Jun 18caughtAmy Ailles4
Erin GreenstreetPenshurst Ladies lost to Ashurst and Blackham Ladies30 May 18caughtLaura Humphreys6
Alice GrantStonewall Park lost to Penshurst Ladies16 May 18caughtMegan Humphreys9
Freya Scott-BrownPenshurst Ladies beat Leigh Ladies9 May 18caughtToni French5
Karen RodemarkAshurst and Blackham Ladies lost to Penshurst Ladies31 Jul 17caught and bowledBecky French16
Julie TownsendPenshurst Ladies lost to Ashurst and Blackham Ladies12 Jul 17caughtBethany Makepeace118
Vicky ThorneBidborough Ladies beat Penshurst Ladies5 Jul 17caught and bowledBecky French2
Millie LinghamPenshurst Ladies beat Sevenoaks Weald7 Jun 17caughtToni French1
Joy ZhuPenshurst Ladies beat Hildenborough Ladies6 Jul 16caughtMegan Humphreys0
Kate BurnsPenshurst Ladies beat Hildenborough Ladies6 Jul 16caughtLaura French0
Christine KendrickFour Elms beat Penshurst Ladies8 Jun 16caught and bowledBecky French34
Freya Scott-BrownPenshurst Ladies beat Leigh Ladies1 Jul 15caughtLaura Hall0
Charlotte BrillHildenborough Ladies lost to Penshurst Ladies29 Jun 15caughtAmy Ailles6
Erin GreenstreetAshurst and Blackham Ladies beat Penshurst Ladies8 Jun 15caught and bowledBecky French0
Megan RobinsonPenshurst Ladies beat Groombridge Ladies23 Jul 14caughtJill Coulstock11
Ella ShamwanaPenshurst Ladies lost to Stonewall Park16 Jul 14caughtSarah Humphreys4
Stephanie SmithLangton Green lost to Penshurst Ladies9 Jul 14caughtToni French3
Lynda BrownAshurst and Blackham lost to Penshurst Ladies2 Jul 14caught and bowledBecky French5
Lindsey MayAshurst and Blackham lost to Penshurst Ladies2 Jul 14caught and bowledBecky French6
Lucy AdamsLeigh Ladies beat Penshurst Ladies25 Jun 14caughtAmy Ailles6
Sophie JonesPenshurst Ladies lost to Speldhurst11 Jun 14caught and bowledBecky French1
Tammy WoodhousePenshurst Ladies lost to Ashurst and Blackham21 May 14caughtLaura French2
Annaliese WestFordcombe Ladies beat Penshurst Ladies19 May 14caughtAmy Ailles45
27 catches

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