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Catches by H Woods

The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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30 catches
Catches, most recent first
PlayerMatchWhenHow outBowlerRuns
A FinchPulborough beat Barns Green18 Jul 16caughtA Blunden6
Wenda WilliamsonEast Preston beat Pulborough20 Jun 16caughtN Buckman22
Emma TurnerPulborough beat Broadbridge Heath9 May 16caughtS Bushby9
H TaylorSouthwater lost to Pulborough29 Jun 15caught and bowledH Woods2
Caroline BellBroadbridge Heath lost to Pulborough27 Apr 15caughtJ Hooper18
L JukesPulborough lost to Steyning and District4 Aug 14caughtS Russell32
C PickeringRoffey lost to Pulborough7 Jul 14caughtJ Hooper5
Eirenne HashmiPulborough lost to Aldingbourne Ladies23 Jun 14caughtJ Hooper8
Fran CrossleyBarns Green beat Pulborough2 Jun 14caughtS Atkin10
Julie TesterPulborough lost to Burpham21 Apr 14caughtS Atkin18
Karen LockEast Preston beat Pulborough12 Aug 13caughtS Howell28
Linda WhiteBurpham beat Pulborough29 Jul 13caughtJ Hooper14
Hannah TomlinsonBurpham beat Pulborough29 Jul 13caughtA Blunden38
Paula BakerPulborough beat Broadbridge Heath15 Jul 13caughtS Atkin1
Megan GraySouthwater lost to Pulborough1 Jul 13caughtS Atkin0
Jas RushinSouthwater lost to Pulborough1 Jul 13caughtA Blunden9
Jodie MundaySouthwater lost to Pulborough1 Jul 13caughtS Atkin14
V BucklandPulborough beat Roffey27 May 13caughtS Atkin10
Julie TesterPulborough lost to Burpham22 Apr 13caughtA Blunden23
Sophie PattenSouthwater lost to Pulborough9 Aug 12caughtS Atkin0
Chris PettittPulborough beat Roffey28 May 12caughtS Atkin9
Liz ShippPulborough beat Roffey28 May 12caughtS Atkin34
Emma HaleyPulborough beat Broadbridge Heath22 May 12caughtB Jupp24
Paula BakerPulborough beat Broadbridge Heath22 May 12caughtJ Hooper11
Katie Neil-SmithEast Preston beat Pulborough8 Aug 11caughtS Atkins2
Louise StonePulborough lost to Burpham13 Jun 11caughtJ Hooper3
H SimpsonPulborough lost to Burpham13 Jun 11caughtS Atkin1
Anna JochimsenBarns Green lost to Pulborough6 Jun 11caughtS Howell8
Ann TingleyBarns Green lost to Pulborough6 Jun 11caughtS Howell6
P FosterRoffey lost to Pulborough28 Jun 10caughtS Atkin3
30 catches

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