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All bowling performances for Hilary Botting

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The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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1—50 of 83 innings
All bowling performances, best first
1Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesLaughton Ladies15 May 18426
=Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesLaughton Ladies15 May 18426
3Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesChiddingly3 Aug 17487
4Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesGlynde Butterflies30 Jun 16313
5Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesGlynde Butterflies17 May 16316
6Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesBuxted Park20 Jun 17321
7Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesLaughton Ladies21 Jun 18328
8Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesWivelsfield22 May 18329
9Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesPlumpton7 Jun 16330
10Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesBuxted Park18 Jun 13339
11Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesBarcombe Ladies24 May 16358
12Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesWivelsfield5 Jul 18221
13Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesWivelsfield11 Jun 19226
14Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesWivelsfield10 May 16230
15Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesDitchling4 Aug 16235
16Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesBarcombe Ladies9 May 17244
17Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesRingmer Ladies21 May 19245
18Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesWivelsfield9 Jun 16246
19Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesGlynde Butterflies11 Jun 15249
20Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesPlumpton6 Jun 19252
21Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesWivelsfield23 Jul 19253
22Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesIsfield14 May 1916
23Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesPlumpton7 Jul 16111
24Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesGlynde Butterflies3 May 18113
25Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesLaughton Ladies4 May 17114
=Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesBuxted Park23 Jun 15114
27Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesLaughton Ladies9 Jul 19117
28Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesIsfield19 Jun 18120
29Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesDitchling14 Jun 18121
30Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesPlumpton13 Jun 17122
31Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesWivelsfield8 Jun 17123
=Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesRingmer Ladies16 May 17123
=Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesChiddingly23 Jul 15123
34Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesBuxted Park28 May 19124
=Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesChiddingly2 Aug 16124
=Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesDitchling29 Jun 17124
37Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesBarcombe Ladies14 Jul 16130
38Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesBarcombe Ladies1 May 18137
39Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesDitchling8 May 18139
40Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesChiddingly19 May 16141
41Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesPlumpton7 May 19142
=Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesIsfield20 Jun 19142
43Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesGlynde Butterflies7 Jul 15143
44Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesChiddingly25 May 17148
=Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesBuxted Park18 Jul 19148
46Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesBarcombe Ladies22 Jun 17150
47Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesBuxted Park3 Jul 121
48Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesBarcombe Ladies19 Jul 1803
49Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesChiddingly21 Jul 1508
50Hilary BottingAdastra LadiesRingmer Ladies19 May 1509
1—50 of 83 innings

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