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Bowling averages

A bowler's average measures how many runs he or she typically concedes before taking a wicket. Lower numbers are better.

We only include people who have bowled in at least three matches, and we ignore wickets in innings where the bowling card wasn't filled in.

The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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51—100 of 1838 players
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Bowling averages
51LottieBeare Green118.58
54Charlotte MarkhamBarcombe Ladies148.78
55Clair HarrisonStedham39
=Claire KervillAdastra Ladies39
=Suzanne GreenTrojans39
=Julie HoughtonBolney49
=Millie HerbertLindfield Juniors159
60Sophie ClementsBuxted Park59.13
62Keiran BrownNext Generation39.27
=Amie ArmitageLeigh Ladies99.27
64Sean RaylandCauseway Mixed59.29
65Becky BrownNext Generation39.33
=Sarah HumphreysPenshurst Ladies59.33
67Anne Marie PhilpotsBidborough Ladies59.4
69E BrinkhurstRingmer Ladies39.63
70DaveCrowhurst Mixed39.67
71AmyNewick Ladies39.8
72JaneHooe Mixed39.83
73PeteBrightling Mixed89.88
74Judy DrylandHurstpierpoint310
=MarkJHooe Mixed310
=PatienceChailey Mixed310
=Trevor PackhamLewes Arms610
79Suzanne CooperSpeldhurst210.13
80JaneStone Cross Ladies310.22
81DanielCivil Service410.25
82Chloe CunnellGlynde Butterflies310.33
84Georgie HarrisonCauseway Mixed710.38
85Linda StratfordDitchling310.4
86CliffieSouth Park Ladies310.43
87Dino GiordanelliOwen Williams310.5
=Debbie HobbsEast Preston810.5
89SophieAngmering Ladies310.56
90Lee KenwardPegasus410.6
91Laura TurnerBrook Street410.67
92Lil PollardHoppa310.75
93PaulIcklesham Mixed1010.8
94Jack PalmerMaresfield Mixed510.88
95David RobertsMaresfield Mixed610.89
96DawnThe Plums411
=Martin CavieDEUTWAG Chargers511
=LouBeare Green1011
=Mim Christian-WellsBarcombe Ladies1711
100Kia LayneLindfield Juniors1711.05
51—100 of 1838 players
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