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Batting strike rate

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A batsman's strike rate measures how many runs he or she typically scores per 100 balls faced.

The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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Batting strike rate
#PlayerTeamMatchesStrike rate
1Abbi PhilpottPenshurst Ladies11312.5
2HannahLangton Green1887.5
3Anne HardwickLangton Green1337.5
4Paul DittmerCowfold Bulls2291.18
5JordanNutley Mixed1283.33
6Rob WellerBrook Street2277.78
7Maddie SmithPenshurst Ladies1275
8Andrew HibbertMaresfield Mixed1266.67
=Grant SmithEducation1266.67
=JohnHartfield Mixed1266.67
11CraigNew School Ninjas1262.5
12Georgie HarrisonCauseway Ladies2259.46
13David RobertsMaresfield Mixed5256.63
14Emma GeeringDorking1250
15Ryan IstedEducation1235.29
16Michelle PayneArundel Stoolball Club1233.33
17Rachel CheneryEast Preston1232.35
18Mike AskewAngmering Mixed1216.67
19Dave ToryEducation1215
20Ian GoodingAngmering Mixed1212.5
21Amy RussellGlynde Butterflies1207.84
22Amanda RidleyBarcombe Ladies1200
=Andy SeatonEducation1200
=DanNutley Mixed1200
=Grant SmithTrojans1200
=Harry ClewleyMaresfield Mixed1200
=Mel ChilesPenshurst Ladies1200
=Melissa MantleAngmering Mixed1200
=SimonNew School Ninjas1200
=Bethany MakepeacePenshurst Ladies2200
=Neil TurnerNew School Ninjas3200
=Toni FrenchPenshurst Ladies3200
33James GardinerTip & Mix1197.5
34Connie JaneAngmering Mixed1192.86
35Andy NewellMaresfield Mixed23191.78
36Chris BestBrook Street1191.3
37Kelly SlaterStoolball England President's XI1190.91
38Claire HawkinsEast Preston1187.5
39Jordi SouthgateMaresfield Mixed40185.63
40Sean PowerMaresfield Mixed6184.95
41Jas TilleyBuxted Park1183.33
42Meg JamesDitchling2181.82
43Danny WhiteNewick Mixed1180
44DeclanElephant and Castle1177.78
=Steve BuddMaresfield Mixed1177.78
=Ryan IstedMaresfield Mixed3177.78
47Georgie HarrisonDitchling12176.04
=Miranda BrockmanLangton Green1175
1—50 of 836 players
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