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Batting averages for Hildenborough Ladies

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A batsman's average measures how many runs he or she typically scores before getting out. We only include people who have batted at least three times, and got out at least once.

The statistics below are based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who's played better, add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

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39 players
Batting averages
1Jane CollierHildenborough Ladies7255.93
2Sarah DavisHildenborough Ladies7542.48
3Helen AldridgeHildenborough Ladies10732.93
4Stephanie ChapmanHildenborough Ladies9425.64
5Millie RoweHildenborough Ladies3221.75
6Mel SwanHildenborough Ladies3420.64
7Jess ReayHildenborough Ladies819.33
8Sarah KirkpatrickHildenborough Ladies6715.84
9Jacky HubbardHildenborough Ladies1515.82
10Charlotte BrillHildenborough Ladies3113.94
11Janet RichardsonHildenborough Ladies3413.73
12Stella CollinsHildenborough Ladies6611.35
13Emily RoucheHildenborough Ladies1311.11
14Libby SaundersHildenborough Ladies311
15Sophie WatkinsHildenborough Ladies1710.86
16Becky EtheringtonHildenborough Ladies549.63
17Alisha GuptaHildenborough Ladies39.5
18Lindsay YoungHildenborough Ladies319.39
19Helen SaundersHildenborough Ladies348.4
20Marie JohnsonHildenborough Ladies87.67
21Lucy AldridgeHildenborough Ladies477.1
22Carole BoyceHildenborough Ladies157.09
23Katie BurnsHildenborough Ladies37
24Helen FurnaceHildenborough Ladies65.2
25Rebecca SaundersHildenborough Ladies115.17
26Abi RisingHildenborough Ladies64.6
=Fiona WatkinsHildenborough Ladies74.6
28Hilarie PierceHildenborough Ladies114.38
29Megan BaileyHildenborough Ladies34.33
30Kate BurnsHildenborough Ladies323.81
31Alice CheesemanHildenborough Ladies92.86
32Chloe BaileyHildenborough Ladies22.67
33Karen ClemenceHildenborough Ladies42.33
34Sarah PalmerHildenborough Ladies62.2
35Joy ZhuHildenborough Ladies32
=Sandra JordanHildenborough Ladies32
37Mel MartinHildenborough Ladies91.8
38Katy BoyceHildenborough Ladies71.5
39Kaff RaeyHildenborough Ladies31.33
39 players

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